Thursday, August 7, 2014

Busy Week

So this week was pretty fun! I forgot to mention in last weeks email that I ran into President Nally outside of our classroom and shook his hand! He's the MTC president so that was cool.
Elder Pinson and I took our suits to get dry cleaned on Thursday and since we only have one suit they guarantee one day and it's done but they didn't so I didn't have a suit for Sunday which was awful. I explained to the Branch President though and he understood. It happens a lot I guess. I saw Hayden on Sunday! I walked into the devotional and there he was! He gave me the hug from you and then we got a picture so you'll have to get it from Suzanne. The devotional was the BYU president and I don't remember what he talked about but I did take notes so I did pay attention. We've been teaching more lessons. We're up to like 2 everyday! So we're pretty booked that way. The devotional on Tuesday was good too. It was an ex-general authority and he talked about the temple and why we go before we go on our missions. so that was cool. You've already heard this but I did get to host Merrill on Wednesday and that was a neat experience. I waited at the top of the hill watching the gate for like 20 minutes cause I knew he was coming in soon. If it wasn't for the Kanab Cowboy hat in the windshield, I wouldn't have seen it probably. He seemed a little overwhelmed but that's pretty natural. I haven't seen him since but I'm sure I will soon. We are supposed to get our flight itinerary today so we'll knowwhere we are going and how long all the layovers are. I don't know of anything I'll need you to send to Madagascar but I'm sure I'll have to send stuff home to get the weight right so probably that stuff. I will be hosting this next Wednesday too so I'll try to get Kason. I don't have any idea what car he'll be driving or what time so you'll have to help me on that. Nothing really all that different is going on this week. Next week is our last week in the MTC though. Let me know what time you'd like me to call from the airport. I'm sure we'll be there super early so I'll need to know a time. Arizona finally emailed me! I'm glad you got on her case. She may be asking you for my address so she can send me a letter. She's moved out already so you may have to text her it or something I don't know. I hope everything's going ok! I'll let you know the flight plan next week probably.
Elder Coleman

I forgot to tell you that I taught a lesson on Monday over Skype. It was to a Malagasy that lives in J-berg right now. She used to live in Provo and she is orignally from Madagascar. It was difficult to do because the internet was crappy and she talked really fast. Also, her kid was making lots of noise so it was even harder to understand her. But it went alright I think. We taught about our favorite scriptures and asked her to share hers. We invited her to read the scriptures and to read them with her family.
Austin and his friend Brooks Rigtrup.  Brooks is going to New Jersey.

Austin and his district.

Austin and his district

Austin and elders from his district

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