Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ny nono vetaveta, blessings, and transfers

The weeks just go by faster and faster here I swear. It seems like it is going way fast but also like I've been here forever. It's just a weird feeling. But boy what a week.
Last Monday I emailed a little early so yeah it was like 2 in the morning back home. But after we emailed we went to a book store and I bought some books to help me with Malagasy. I bought a book that teaches Malagasy kids Malagasy (so perfect for me) and a Malagasy dictionary which I hear helps a ton. But yeah that was our P-day. Oh and we printed of Magic cards and taped them on to playing cards so now we play Magic sometimes when we are at home at night.
Anyway, on the important stuff. We contacted a lot. Nothing really too exciting except we got some more people to teach. And the highlight of that is we contacted some rich people which is weird here because rich people don't want anything to do with religion here. Anyway, they let us in and we happened to have the Restoration video with us because we were going to show it to a time later that day. They had a DVD player and so we watched it. They liked it and we got a return appointment with them so that's super good. The Joseph Smith movie just has a power to it. And the best part requires a little bit of explaining. So rich people here don't like to do anything themselves usually. So they hire mpanampies (helpers) to do most things for them around the house and stuff. So these people had a mpanampy and his name was..................... Alfred. I almost started to laugh but then Elder Connault did laugh but it was ok because they had seen Batman.
Wednesday I went on a split with Elder Lehr and that was way fun! All of our times dogged us so we just contacted all day and found some ballin' father led families which this branch desperately needs. While we were contacting we found Elder Ralaivao's family. They aren't members but their son is and is on a mission right now in Mada. I actually went on a split with him in Tana once; I don't remember if I mentioned that or not. He also trained Elder Covey who came with me. Anyway, the grandma was way sick, and we gave her a blessing.
That blessing though was the second of four that I was a part of this week. We gave one to one of our investigators parents. We gave the one to the bebe and one to Jean Chrysy. Jean Chyrs is the one that used to be the Branch President. He's a way cool guy. And the last one happened when we were contacting. We came across these Jehovah's witnesses and one of them had been way sick for like three days already and they invited us in and they wanted us to give her a blessing. And then they tried to get us to go to their church and give us invitations and stuff. Not sure how that works but whatever.
We had district Meeting and it was way good. It was about us being the light of the world and how people see us as missionaries and will apply anything we do to all missionaries so it's important to be examples of Christ in everything we do and say. That obviously doesn't just apply to missionaries but to everyone.The couple here shared their conversion story and it seemed way good even though I didn't understand all of it. We continued the day by going clear out on the mountain to teach. We had Florent with us who is a way cool kid. I say kid but he's 18 and is the Young Men's president. He's such a stud though and he's way good at teaching. He helped us so much. We taught one lady out there who is way awesome and has tons of faith. But she is paralyzed on the right side because of a stroke probably and there is no way she could ever make it to church. Her husband is also too old to ever make it to. It's kind of sad but they're awesome and I think we'll keep teaching her so she can become super knowledgable and can get everything done for her in the spirit world.
Friday Was just a good solid day of just teaching. We taught the Brady Bunch and I seriously love them so much! I don't know if I've already told you about the Brady Bunch but they are a super poor family that lives right below us. I'll take a picture of our house and their house sometime and you can see the difference. But anyway they are super awesome and they asked us to teach them. We taught them about the Sabbath Day and got them to commit to come to church, Then we taught this guy named Tinah who is just so awesome. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and gave him one. He said he would pray about it and then thanked us for coming to his house and bringing the love of God to him and all this stuff. He's such an awesome guy. We taught Jeremy again and did another Bap interview so he'll be super ready for his baptism which is and he's super ready I think. He's a stud. We finished of the day by giving a spiritual thought to some recent converts, Onja and Oly. They have tons of kids and all of them are boys except for one girl who is like 15 or 16 I think. I shared Alma 37: 38-40 and then the rest of the chapter until the 2nd to last verse. It's about how we have Liahonas in our lives but they will only show us where to go according to our faith.
The next day, It rained so much. I have never seen that much water ever come out of the sky, I didn't know that was possible to have that much water come out of the sky. But yeah it was ridiculous. And the thunder is the loudest thing I have ever heard. It was like it was striking right next to you. Sometimes it was actually. But I had my raincoat so it was all good.
Yesterday was super great! We took 6 of the Brady Bunch to church with us even though that wasn't all of them. And one of the investigators clear out on the mountain who is 9 months pregnant right now came. We also had like 155 people at church which is way good for us. I had to say the prayer in sacrament meeting and that was interesting but it was ok. I had to write stuff down and practice it but I did it. We are trying to get more members to help us with missionary work and it made me think of that schedule that we have in our ward for dinner and driving for the sisters. SO I made a calendar for members to sign up to help us through this month and next. I honestly don't know if it'll work but hopefully it will. It was also fast yesterday and holy crap I was paying it. but we made a huge meal that night and it was way good. We made three kilos of mashed potatoes, 1 kilo of hamburger, and 1 kilo of assorted veggies and mixed them all together and put them in these perogie like things. It was actually way good and super filling.
We have a transfer this week and we got transfer news last night. Fianarantsoa is becoming a zone! And Elder RIgby (Elder Hammer's trainer) and Elder Johnson from my group are coming down here to split an area and Elder Rigby is becoming zone leader. I'm way excited for that.
One last thing. I saw this like 7 year old girl the other day with the craziest eyes I have ever seen. They were like gold and I just can't even describe how gorgeous they were. I will find her again and take a picture.
Well keep it real everyone, Elder Coleman

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