Monday, January 19, 2015


Well last Monday we had no water like I said last week. Super lame. The P-day went pretty average though last week. we did nothing super special. We bought journals for Tahina and Alicia to give after their baptism. We taught Mario that night. He's been having a hard time the gossip about him and so we shared D&C 121 with him and his family. I think it helped him a lot. It was a way spiritual lesson. Fun little thing, when we got there, they were watching CSI. 

Tuesday we still didn't have water. So we called Elder Cloward at the office and he got it all figured out. When we came home that night we had water again so it was all good. It was just a day full of contacting. We taught this one family of 4 that had 2 visitors over in a house that was soooooo small. If you were to put two beds side by side, the perimeter was the size of the inside of the house and the roof was super short too. It slanted down and the highest point was maybe 4 feet and the lowest was maybe 2. Way small. And when we were teaching them someone was blasting Hotel California. We contacted some guy whose name was Omega. Yeah kinda weird. We taught Sandra today and she is very slowly getting it. Very slowly. 

Wednesday we taught Tahina and Alicia about missionary work. We told them they could go on a mission if they wanted to after they are baptized. Not sure if they want to or not but Tahina seemed interested. She only has 3 years until that's an option for her. We did a lot of contacting that day too. So much contacting. 

Thursday was super lame. The first half of our day just completely fell through. We did teach Dona though about the Word of Wisdom. We set a goal for him last week to help him get off of alcohol and he said he didn't drink at all since we last saw him. Hopefully he can go another week. We taught this new investigator we have, Tantely, about the Book of Mormon and it was a pretty good lesson. He's Catholic and obviously very into his Catholic mind set. We were pretty straight forward and told him exactly what he needs to do and  so hopefully he'll do it. He's a cool guy though. Super Buff. He's a security guard for a bank so he kinda has to be.

Friday it rained. A lot. All day. And all the paths in our area are very much dirt and very quickly became a muck. a very slippery muck. Elder Connault and I almost fell a bunch of times but our branch missionary fell a ton. It was way funny. He was covered in mud by the end of the day. We taught this way cool new family about the Book of Mormon today and we like them a lot. That is why we made sure they knew exactly what we wanted them to do. We told them to pray about the Book of Mormon and to come to church with us on Sunday. They said they would do both and we told them we would come get them before church. We taught a less active, Larissa, and it was a way good lesson too. She's a stud but her friends tell her that our church isn't true and she's having doubts. During the lesson, her sister went outside and she slipped and fell way hard. It didn't hurt her but it was super funny. Larissa couldn't stop laughing for like 10 minutes it was way funny.

Saturday was lame. Super Lame. So we were supposed to have a baptism but then Mother Nature happened. With a cyclone. We got phone calls from President and from the couple here that told us to be careful. The couple actually told us not to leave at all. So obviously we left to buy a bunch of food when it calmed down for a second. And down our path a tree had been uprooted and fell on the Vahao ny Oloko church (the Let My People Go church). So we stayed home all day and cleaned the house. Super lame.

Sunday we went to pick up that couple but they stood us up. Super lame. We still had quite a few investigators at church though. Our day yesterday was poopy work wise but we did get a couple times in. We taught Eric about baptism and got him a new bap date for February 14. He should be ready by then. 

So Tahina and Alicia's baptism has been moved to this Saturday. Hopefully no more cyclones this week but I asked some members last night and they said there is usually 2 or 3 in the season which is right now so we'll see. 

I think that's all for this week. Hopefully I can talk about a baptism next week and not about another cyclone. Keep on keepin' on.

Elder Coleman

This was a funeral by their house.

You can hear Austin speaking Malagasy in the background. The kids are trying to get mangoes out of the trees.

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