Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day and District Conference

Well what a week. On Monday we went to Robin and taught his family. It was a pretty good lesson and they got to know Elder Reynolds better so that was good. We are trying to get all the members to know him a little better since he's still new. But yeah we didn't really do much that day other than that.

Tuesday, was not a super good day. We went to our first time but there was no guy home. That happened for our next two lessons. We had no member help that day and it really shot our program in our foot. We did have quite a few good lessons though. We taught one lady that is super rich (she has an Xbox) and she is good at English. She actually spent some time in Kenya and so yeah she's pretty good. She actually has a King James Version of the Bible in English that she uses when we teach her. And we have another family in the other area that is doing very well too. They will probably get a baptism date this week. 

Wednesday, we had a cleaning activity at the church that lasted all morning. It was fun though don't get me wrong. That killed our program for that day too. We did teach a couple lessons after the activity though so it was all good. We had a way good lesson with one family and got them committed to praying about the Book of Mormon. They are way cool and sound like they will actually do it. 

Thursday we had district meeting and it was my first one as the district leader so obviously I exercised unrighteous dominion over all 3 of the other Elders in my district. We had a pretty good day that day with lessons. We taught Landy again and got her recommitted to being baptized. We actually felt like we should read 2 Ne 31 with her and when we did she said that it was exactly what she needed and now she really wants to get baptized. It was a way cool experience. And when we got done with one lesson, we had a little kid that was listening at the door come up to us and asked us to come by his house to teach his family. That was way cool.

Friday we didn't teach a bunch but we taught Jeannot and it was a really good lesson with him about the Plan of Salvation. He really understood it and he is progressing really well. We went by him on Friday because we had a session of district conference on Saturday. 

Saturday morning we skyped Elder Reynolds' family because of the time difference between here and New Zealand. For lunch we met up with all the Elders at a vazaha restaurant. The AP's came down with President so they were there and Elder Roush, who just finished his mission, came with his dad. That was way fun. Then we went and taught a lesson at Tina and naina's before the district conference. The conference lasted pretty much all day. We got one lesson in after conference with that one rich lady again. 

Sunday was the conference and we had to do it at some other place because there isn't enough room at the church. It was a good conference though with lots of good teachings that were needed for the district. I got to be in the choir and sing for the conference and it was way fun. We sang the Army of Helaman song and it got me thinking a lot. The last time I sang that song in a choir was in high school at missionary farewells and now here I am, in a city that no one in Utah has ever heard of, on an island in the middle of the Indian ocean singing that song in a district conference that is being spoken in both French and Malagasy. It just made me think about the journey that I have experienced these last 10 months. It was a crazy moment. We also had our interviews with President at the church after the conference and it was really good. I got some good tips for studying the Book of Mormon. After that we went and taught a lesson to Mampionona, the girl with the messed up foot if you remember her from past emails. She actually asked if she could be baptized so we gave her a baptismal date. Then I skyped at that was way fun. It's so crazy that it's already my second skype call in Madagascar. It was way fun to see everyone though and hear how things are going. We taught Tina and Naina after the call and I kind of had to be a little blunt with Pascal. Apparently, he never prayed about Joseph SMith. So I had to break it down for him and told him that Everything we have done with him the past three months was a lie if Joseph Smith wasn't true. Hopefully he'll get the idea.

Today we are going to go to Lake Tritriva which will be way fun. I'll send pictures next week of that but it looks like a cool place.

Well have fun with life where there's carpet and clean water.

Elder Coleman

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