Monday, July 20, 2015

Transfers, goodbyes, and be kibo

Well this week went by much faster than the last couple. I blinked and it was friday and then it was today. Just way too fast. And well I am being transferred as was expected and I am going to a place called Mahajanga, a city on the northwest coast on the island. It is the hottest place in the mission. There are only 2 missionaries there and is one of the three places in the mission called the "Big Three". Mahajanga, Toliara, and Fort Dauphin are the Big Three and are called such because they are like the best places in the mission. You count your blessing if you get called to serve there basically and I am definitely counting mine right now. I will be going with an Elder Heiden, I don't know him at all. But I will be on the coast and will no longer be freezing my butt off here in Antsirabe. I leave here tomorrow to go to Tana and from there I will board a plane and fly to Mahajanga. So yeah that's transfers for you.

So Monday was the beginning of all the goodbyes. We had our regular lesson with Raivo and Prisca and it was way good. I was super sad to be leaving them. I love them a lot. Then after that we had a soiree at Voahangy's house with Brother Aldous. It was way fun. We took lots of pictures and had a great time. They are seriously my favorite family here in this branch and I am so sad to leave them. I love them so much. 

Tuesday we had a pretty good day regardless of all the lessons that fell through. We got a lot of good contacting in and had a good time. We contacted into one family that has huge potential and I am hoping that they will progress with Elder Reynolds and his new companion. But that night we had a soiree with another member family and Aldous was also there. So that was fun. And then Elder LEhr and Elder Razafindresetra randomly showed up too. We had a way good lesson with them about the Restoration and you could really feel the Spirit. The mother of the family is less active and the daughter is a returned missionary, asked us to talk about that because she had been going to some other churches on Sunday instead. So we talked about that and the daughter was not subtle at all in her question asking. For example,"So if we know that this church is true but still go to other churches on Sunday, what will happen to us?" Stuff like that. It was way funny. 

Wednesday we had a good day too. We were able to teach quite a few people and help them to progress more towards baptism. It was my last time teaching English class here in Antsirabe so that was sad. We had a soiree that night with Faniry's family and Aldous was there again. It was three days in a row that I got to spend with my MTC teacher so that was way weird. It was way fun though. 

Thursday we were able to teach a new investigator, Done and he is super awesome. I love him. I am way sad that I don't get to be here to teach him anymore because I'm sure he will do great. He is a super humble guy that has had some issues with the fact that there are so many churches in this day and age. We did a lot of contacting that day and finished the day off with a final soiree at Robin's house. We had potatoes, beans, and ground beef for the loaka and it was super good. 

Friday we taught a huge new family that has some good potential. We contacted the son and he said we could come teach them. But yeah literally huge. Like there were 17 people in that lesson. Ridiculous. We had more things fall through so we just did more contacting. We finished the day off with a goodbye soiree at Sitraka's house. 

Saturday was a crazy day. We were just going and going the whole day from time to time and had a few fall through but we were able to catch most of them. We had three soirees set up for that night but one didn't quite work out so that was lame. We had one with the branch president and then with Voahangy's family again at their request. I am seriously going to miss them so much. 

And Sunday was just brutal. I was so sad. Church went well though and we had quite a few investigators come to church. Not as many as I would have liked but still we had some. Nicolas' family came to church! All of them except him. So that is kind of lame but we will keep working with them. We need to get him to come. We had some good lessons with Raholy and Hery and with Tiana and Naina and with Be Sofina. During the lesson with Tiana and Naina, President called and told me that I would be going to Mahajanga. So yeah that was fun. Then after all the lessons we went to the Zone Leader's house and had brownies  and stuff for a farewell to Elder Mumford who is going home this week. Also, Elder Rice goes home this week and that makes me way sad. I'm gonna miss him a ton. He is probably one of my favorite companions ever and we would just call and talk to each other all the time. I'll get to see him in America though in like a year. 

Oh and I have a gut now. I have seriously gained so much. ANtsirabe has made me fat.

Elder Coleman

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