Monday, September 21, 2015


This week was a good one because we had a baptism! It was just great I don't know how to describe it but yeah haha. 

Monday: Didn't do much other than cyber and buy food for the week. We went to Liva and Hery that evening and had a good lesson with them about the Plan of Salvation. And right when we got to there house, we were approached by two men that wanted to learn from us. So we got their number and set up a time to teach them next Monday (today). Should be good. 

Tuesday was a good day. We taught a bunch of lessons and taught a bunch of new people too. Our first time we taught a new family, Eddie is the dad's name. We talked Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon with them. I noticed that there was some recognition with him on the Book of Mormon and sure enough after we finished explaining it he started asking questions about stuff he had seen on a documentary. IT was kinda funny. Before we started explaining anything I told him that those are not the most accurate things to get information from and that if he wants information about the church just to ask us, cause we would know. Well he brought up a couple things, including plural marriage. Well he was very surprised when I told him I only had 1 mom and that I would only have one wife when I get married. Kinda funny encounter. We taught a family after that, a new one, the mom is Christian and the father is Muslim. So it was interesting. But it worked out good. We gave them a Book of Mormon and they were both excited to read. We taught Bakary and Ali, the people we contacted last Sunday and they are awesome. They really just want to know where the truth is and so we gave them the 1st Pamphlet and a Book of Mormon and went over it with them. 

Wednesday we had a good day. We taught a bunch of less actives. Seriously so many. We taught Dada too. We haven't taught him in awhile because we haven't been able to catch him at home. We had a good lesson with him. He's a stud and just needs to come to church. It's frustrating when people are so close but then they don't do it. Way frustrating. But it's all good. He'll get there. We taught Ordance and Hanitra and Arlette that day too. 

Thursday we taught a few lessons. We taught a new guy named Alex. He's a stud and is super eager to learn about the gospel. We gave him a Book of Mormon and had a great lesson with him about Joseph Smith. We went and contacted a referral from a member in Tana after that. He's an older guy, has a lot of problems, and wants relief. He's super smart too. He's a huissier de justice, whatever that is in English. We taught Bakary and Ali again after that and had a good review of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith just to make sure they are solid on that. We taught the other Dada and read the Book of Mormon with him. We read 2 Nephi 29 and it was awesome. Just super powerful lesson and it is so clear in Malagasy the message that it is trying to get across. It was good. And that night we went and ate at a Italian place called Bôlô. It's super good. But I got this Strawberry ice cream thing and it is probably the best thing I have ever eaten in my life. 

Friday we did not have a super great day. All of our lessons fell through except for 2 of them. It was very exhausting. We would ride our bikes to one place, they couldn't learn, we would go to the next place, they couldn't either, and that's how it was all day. Our last time was at a member's house, less active and they gave us food so that made it better and the loaka was super good. Probably some of the best loaka I've had in country. 

Saturday we had English and it was a fun one. They asked me to talk about America and how things are different in different parts of the country, such as accent and sayings and stuff. I wish I would've taken a picture but I drew a great picture of the United States, Canada. and Mexico. And then I got to do my best impression of all the accents across America and I did a Canadian one too. Too bad Matt couldn't have been there to help. But after English we taught Timoty about the Priesthood and had a great lesson with him. He came to church yesterday too which was great! But unfortunately he is moving this week to Tana and probably not coming back ever. Our next fell through and then we had the baptism for Jean Louis. Ok so I'm going to confuse you all real quick. So Jean Louis is not a member but his brother, Jean Louis is. He is a return missionary and is originally from Manandona. I met him in Antsirabe when he first got back. His fiance is from Antsirabe and I knew her when I was there. But they live up here now. Anyway so Jean Louis was supposed to baptize Jean Louis but 10 minutes before the baptism Jean Louis called his fiance and asked if I would be able to do it since he couldn't make it. So I got to baptise Jean Louis. He is such a stud. He has changed. He has turned his whole life around to follow Jesus Christ and it has made such a big difference in his life. But yeah it was a neat experience. And it was in the ocean so that's cool too. We taught Theodore, the referral we received, after the baptism and it was really good. He has tons of questions and we are hoping we will be able to answer all of them. They are super solid, good questions too. Then we taught Dada and had a good lesson with him too. He said he was coming to church but didn't end up coming which is very sad.

Sunday we had a good day. Church went well. Better then normal. We had a great lesson with Clemente, a recent convert. She's very diligent and it's awesome. We taught Lalao and Kristian, the anti-Mormon people and had a great lesson with them. They had great questions and they have both been reading the Book of Mormon and see so many similarities between them. They kept saying that they relate. We told them that if they want to know if it is true that they need to ask God and he will tell them. I was able to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon and how I came to know that it was true. Then they offered probably one of the most heartfelt prayers I have ever heard. It was a little apostate but there was heart in it. 

Thursday morning, our branch president's wife got back. We stopped by on Friday to see how things were going. She seems to be doing ok. She is back to her joking self and is just a great example. She is making plans to go to the temple. She also is trying to figure out how she is going to get money to feed herself and her baby. She lives with family right now so they should be able to support her for awhile. She came to church yesterday. We will be going by this week to share a spiritual thought with her. Thank you all for your prayers. 

That's all for this week.
Sorry someone stole the card reader from the cyber so no pictures this week.

Elder Coleman

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