Monday, September 29, 2014

Another Crazy Week in Paradise

First off, last Monday at our Soiree I got some rice a loaka which was way good. It was like peas and some carrot stuff but they freaking gave me so much. They just kept piling rice on my plate even though I told them they had given me enough. So yeah I got so much freaking rice it was unreal. I seriously had like half of the pot. But I ate all of it because I'm a champ haha.But they next day, it was revenge of the loaka. I will just say that it was painful and leave it at that. 

We haven't done much of anything all week because we've just been making area maps for the new areas opening this transfer. We've been doing a bunch of other stuff for this next transfer too so we've been stuck in the office like all week.

This week in English class we had them split into two classes to help those who are not very good and those that are pretty good separately. I got the Not so good class with Elder Hammer and Elder Fox and that was way fun. Just so you know it is way hard to explain baseball to people that have no idea what it is and in a different language. 

The other night we were walking home and this guy was peeing on the side of the alley and he turns around and calls out to us as we walk by. He was super drunk and he was covered in his own pee so yeah this guy was just money in the bank. Anyway yeah he ran to catch up with us and started telling us how he was a kick boxer and had successfully killed people in matches before. But he loved God and he knew we are servants of God so he wanted to protect us so he was nice guy. 

Our shower finally got fixed this week. It went from old man drool to raining manna from heaven. These last 6 weeks have been interesting showering out of that shower. I could have gotten more water from the sink honestly but it's whatevs.

So as I said, we were stuck in the office most of the week but here are a few things that happened this week:
The AP's went on a split on the other side of Tana and parked their car on the side of the road and walked to the house to stay the night with the Elders they were splitting with. The next morning they come out and the car is surrounded by Malagasys and a couple members of the Malagasy army. The Malagasy army guys are trying to break into the car because a car had been stolen that was white and apparently the robbers had killed a Chinese guy too and took the body with them. The stolen car was white. The Ap's car is blue. It was noon so you could see perfectly into the car to see that there was obviously no dead Chinese guy in there. And then they refused to pay for the damages. They said they were only doing their duty which is apparently to break into cars. Also, if the Ap's had gotten there any later, they would have just stolen the car. The justice system of Madagascar everyone. They steal your car to protect you.

I saw a dead people celebration the other day when we were tracting. We climbed this hill and it just had tons of fasanas on top (Graves). There was one with just tons of people around it and they were playing music and dancing and pulling the bodies out of the fasana and just dancing all over the place. 

Speaking of contacting, We contacted for 2 hours the other day and totally got like 6 contacts so that was way sick. We also found this way cool part of our area that is just gorgeous. The rice patties are especially nice.

Ok and I officially have a baptism on Saturday. It's a lady and her 2 kids that the Elders used to teach but they got turned over to the sisters when the area split. So I taught her once on like my first day here. I will be baptizing her 2 kids so that'll be way cool. I'm way stoked.

Today we had a joint Tana zone activity at a military base where we played basketball, volleyball, and ate rice and loaka. It was actually way fun. That's all we've done today.

Alright well I'll see y'all next week! Keep on keepin on!
Elder Coleman

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