Monday, September 8, 2014

This Place Still Blows My Mind!

Well this week has been pretty uneventful actually. We have just been teaching this week as much as we can. It's kind of hard to do when you're in the office but it's where I'm needed I guess so that's where I am! We have this way sweet family that we are teaching right now. The mom's name is Volonana? (I think I spelled that right I have no idea) Good luck pronouncing that. But yeah this family is sweet. She is married which is super rare down here and they have two kids, daughters, one 14 and one 11. The 14 year old has a kid because I guess she got raped so now she has a kid she has to take care of too. Anyway, They are super receptive and knowledgable. She wanted to learn from the missionaries because she would see them walking around outside in the heat and she wondered why 2 white kids would come all the way from America and live here if what they were doing wasn't true. So she's super solid. Their only problem is they don't come to church. Like ever. So we're working on that. 
We've been teaching them and Soer Soa (the lady who fed us locusts) and a couple other investigators and less actives in the ward. Or we try to anyway. They like to not be home and to go to sleep at 7 so that's super annoying but it's whatevs. This whole week we've just tracted all day and got absolutely nowhere. We get to the door and ask if we can share a message with them and they say Yeah! So we ask when we can come back and teach them and all of them say "uhm well we work every hour of everyday so there really isn't a time" What do you mean there's no time? You don't have time for Jesus? This is your salvation we're talking about! Come on people! It's super frustrating but we'll get someone eventually. And at the very least we planted a seed. 
Friday Elder Rice got sick and was up all night in the bathroom so we didn't leave the apartment all day. It continued in to Saturday but he felt better by the evening so we got out a little bit. So I just read a lot of the Book of Mormon. Like all of Mosiah and half of Alma. Alma has some way good mission stories that are just getting me super pumped! I felt super energized and motivated all week and I still do so that's good. The sons of Mosiah are just the best missionaries ever. I just want to be like them. They are straight up #studs. 
We are having a leadership conference in Tana tomorrow I think and we got the zone leaders from Reunion over here. Boy are they in shock haha. They practically live in Europe over there and they are staying in this for a couple days and they have no idea what's going on haha. We had one with us on splits last night and it was good because our people all spoke French so he was able to throw in his own ten cents. It was way good he did a good job.
That's it for this week I think. Things are going good though! Keep on keepin on!
Elder Coleman

 I just got one of your packages today and it wasn't opened so I'm sure everything's in there. I won't open it until I get back. I forgot to tell you that USPS priority flat rate boxes make it here the fastest and if you put pictures of Jesus on them they don't get broken into. Just for future reference. I don't know how conference will go but I think we get it in English and Malagasy so I'll probably end up watching both. The language is coming along pretty well I guess for only being here for 4 weeeks or whatever. I can kind of understand what's going on sometimes. For Christmas obviously just ties, maybe some books. What I would really like is some music. Music would be great. An MP3 and a speaker would be money. Anything uplifting is what I can listen to but not disney. So that means Lord of the Rings and Hobbit soundtrack. All of the movies would be great. Movie soundtracks would be awesome and EFY music from would be spectacular. No MoTab, I can get that super easy. So yeah just uplifting music would be great.
Weather's good. It's been a little chilly the past couple days but it's starting to warm up now that we're going into Spring. We get along way good. He's awesome and helps me out a lot with the language. Yeah we have fun too so that's important.
I am being eaten alive by fleas. It's freaking rediculous. I want to just burn every flea at the stake. Super Annoying.

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