Monday, October 20, 2014

The Never Ending Transfer....

Well as I said last week, Monday was Elder Rice's birthday. We did our regular soiree and were given the biggest cake I have ever seen in my life. It was seriously like 8 inches tall. And they gave us literally half the cake. It was ridiculous. It was so much cake.

We taught L on Tuesday. We just gave a spiritual thought on obeying the commandments. There has been a little bit of an issue with her this past week. But anyway, after we taught her, a member who lives above her broke and egg on Elder Rices head and threw flour on it. He was so ticked haha.

We tracted into T. last week and we finally got to teach her on Wednesday. We taught the first lesson and it went way good. It turns out the missionaries taught them one time awhile back but never returned.So that's way good obviously and they are excited for us to come back so I think they'll be baptized pretty soon.

 We went to Soa's after Tahiry to give another spiritual thought. We walk in and they are watching the new Transformers movie on theri TV! I'm not sure if that is actually out in America on DVD yet so it may have been an illegal copy. Someone will need to correct me on that. But it looks like a good movie! The last ten minutes are great! Optimus Prime sounds so retarded in French though. But I can't exactly be hating on French anymore...

We went to see V. family after. It was going to be a pop or drop lesson because they weren't progressing. But when we got there, the daughters told us that they went to church on Sunday but at 8! So that was good but they need to go at 1.

Ok now for the title.So Wednesday rolled around and there we were just doing personal study. We finish personal study and all of a sudden we get a phone call from the AP's. Another emergency transfer. Elder Fox told Elder Rice to put the phone on speaker so I immediately assume someone else from my group is going home. How wrong I was. Elder Fox tells me that Elder Miller is coming up from Fianarantso that day  and then he tells me that I will be taking his place in Fianarantso. I had to pack right then because I was leaving later that day. What?! Craziness. I was being ripped away from Elder Rice before the end of my training. I was so sad but way happy to get out of the office. Like you seriously have no idea. I didn't feel like a real missionary at all because I didn't get to work very much and it killed me but now I'm out and working and it's great!

Fianarantso is south of Tana; about a 12 hour drive by cramped taxibe. But the scenery on the drive is seriously so sweet! There were way cool mountains and we actually had to up a few of them and they were just straight jungle. I would suggest a google search of the drive from Tana to Fianarantsoa just to see it. It is seriously so gorgeous. The city in and of itself is also way beautiful. It is way jungly and has jungly mountains all around. Last night we could go out on our balcony and look and tons of stars it was so sweet! I've missed the stars so much. The branch here is way cool. There are 2 branches and mine starts at 8 am so that's a little different than 1o'clock church. There are 6 missionaries down here and four of us are in 1 branch. We have the area split. No one from my group is down here. The other two companionships are training new guys from the last transfer and my new companion is Elder Connault from Elder Rice's group. Elder Connault is an interesting guy. He is 26 and he is French. Born and raised in France. He started his mission here in Madagascar and just recently got back from 4 months serving in Reunion. He's a cool guy, But he is in some ways like Elder Gant so I think we'll get along pretty well. We talked about a bunch of computer games the other day so we're off to a good start.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on splits with some young men in the ward and do contacting. It was kind of hard because I don't know Malagasy very well but it went alright. Thanks to Elder Rice, I already knew how to do a door approach and we found a couple contacts. We found some members too and I was able to ask them if they knew anyone that we could teach and they led me to some place clear up on this mountain. It's in our area but it's clear the heck out there.

Today was probably the coolest P-day I've had this far. We went to this natural park called Ranomafana an hour taxi-brousse ride outside of Fia. It was straight Jurassic Park out there. It was way cool. It was just a hike through the jungle and watching lemurs swing through the trees above your head. It was way cool!

I think that's all for this week so peace out!
Elder Coleman

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