Monday, October 27, 2014

The Weirdest Sunday Ever...

Well first off we'll start with Tuesday. Elder Connault discovered that one of his teeth were broken so we went to the dentist first thing in the morning. It was clear on the other side of town and it was quite the interesting experience. Let's just say I am much more motivated to brush my teeth and floss now because I do not want to have to go to a dentist here. The guy we went to was actually pretty good for Madagascar so it wasn't that bad but it is still rediculous. It's way cheap though too. He got a filling and it was only 15,000 A (I don't know how much that is in $ or how much that would actually cost in America). So that was a fun little experience.
Oh my goodness this week was so great! You know why? because I actually got to do missionary work! I actually felt like a missionary! We went out and taught investigators and recent converts and did contacting! Oh my gosh it was so great! I never want to be anything more than a normal missionary this is so great! And my Malagasy is coming along so much faster now! I've already improved so much! I love it here! It's smaller than Tana but it's still pretty big. It reminds me of like St. George or like Cedar I think it's about that big but I'm not sure. I can't exactly take a car and drive through the city.
While we were contacting this week (which was like the whole week) we found some way studly people. We found this one guy named Olivier who is way cool. He came to us which is like super rare for guys. It's so hard to find potential priesthood holders here. That's like the biggest problem with this branch right now is a lack of priesthood holders.Anyway, he came to us and invited us in and we taught the first lesson to him and his dad. He was able to relate to the JS tantara because his parents are different religions and he is too. But he's way awesome and seems like he really wants to learn from us. He work s in a pharmacy across the street from the church and talks to the guardian and tells him to tell us when he is available to be taught again so he's way sick.
We had district meeting this week and I got assigned the lesson. Not that big of a deal except I found out I had to give it in Malagasy because the senior couple missionaries down here are Malagasy, the Rakotoarisoas. It wasn't too bad though I just asked questions and everyone else taught it for me so I wasn't too mad. Following the District Meeting though, Elder Connault and Elder Lehr went on a spilt and went with the Rakotoarisoas to look and houses for missionaries so I went on a split with Elder Mack. It was interesting because he just barely got here this last transfer and I am still new so we struggled a little on the communication side of things. We had a priest with us though and he was able to help us out a lot. It was a way good experience for me too because I didn't realize how much I could understand and communicate until I had to be the one that spoke. I still have a long way to go obviously but it was a confidence booster and a good learning experience. We just contacted all day and found a bunch of people that we will go visit this week.
There is this tiny little shack just outside our apartment where this huge family lives. I'll have to send a picture sometime but anyway, they came up to us one day and told us they wanted to learn. I can't remember their names so I just call them the Brady Bunch. We got 8 new investigators from just that one family . It's nuts. And they seem really interested so we'll see how it goes but I have a lot of hope for them.
There was a baptism on Saturday for a kid that just turned 8. It was a little different than the one in Tana because they don't have a font at this church. They had one of those set up ones. I don't know really how to describe it so I'll just send a pic one time. They had it so full that when the kid got in the font he was pretty much already baptized. He just needed to put his head under the water.
SO for Sunday we had this guy from Tana come that is an investigator. His name is Norbert and he is an absolute stud. He is very high up politically and he always bring his friends to church and stuff to be taught be the missionaries. He brought a bunch of friends to church with him and introduced them to us and then after he invited us to this wedding for his friend. That was way cool to witness a Malagasy wedding. And like during the whole ceremony Norbert was telling them how they need to join the church and he even convinced them to let us give the bride and groom a blessing so that was way cool. We stayed for lunch and the whole time he was talking to everyone about our church as were we obviously. He's such a stud he's not even baptized and he's doing missionary work. Right after that, we gave like all the people there BoM and 1st and 2nd pamphlets because they live in a city that doesn't have missionaries yet. But the excitement doesn't end there. We go back to the church for a funeral service for a member. It was way cool and way sad at the same time. They are so respectful of their dead it's just super cool.
Fun story of the week: we went to our branch mission leader's house to teach his mom and she wasn't there but we are told that he is. An old lady lets us into the house and just opens the door and there's our Branch mission leader making out with his girlfriend haha. We've given him so much crap for it over the past couple days haha.

Pretty much all that happened this week was we built our program. We got 21 new investigators this past week so we'll see how many of those are actually for real. I bet only like 2 but we'll see.

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