Monday, February 9, 2015


Monday, was a sad day... Well we climbed the mountain first and took a nice picture behind which was way nice because it was all green from the rain. The rest of the day was spent saying goodbye to members and getting pictures with them. We taught Etienne and Mario that night and I gave the spiritual thought for them since it was my last. They were all super surprised that I was leaving and not Elder Connault. Mario was even a little mad ahahah. He wanted me to stay I guess. I told Tahina and Alicia that I was leaving and they were super sad too. Tahina was especially sad.

Tuesday was more saying goodbye to people. I got a picture with Rakotovao that morning. He is such a stud. We went to Francois house and told him I was leaving and his mom, Sr Theresa gave me this cool lamboany and got one for mom too. So there you go mom. Raymond was sad too. I love Raymond so much. He even gave me some sunglasses as a parting gift haha. I got pictures with Fanasina, Sandra, Onja and oly's family, and with Jean Chrys family. I was very sad to leave Fianarantsoa. It was such an awesome place and I miss it. But I am very glad to be here in Antsirabe! I've heard many rumors about the work here and it sounds like it goes very well. I'm very excited for that. 

I left Fianarantsoa at 7:30 on Wednesday morning for a very along trip to Antsirabe. Elder Johnson and I were on the same bus though so it wasn't too bad. I sat between these two very nice ladies and talked to them for the whole 8 hour bus ride. They had a ton of questions about the church and I was able to help them understand it a little bit better. I even gave them a Restoration pamphlet. It was a way cool experience. The Lord definitely helps his missionaries to learn these languages. I never would have been able to talk to 2 Malagasy ladies for 8 hours after only learning this language for 6 months. I got picked up by Elder Lehr and Elder Christiansen in Antsirabe and taken to the church to my new companion. This will be an interesting transfer for sure with a Malagasy companion. 

Thursday we had district meeting and we rode our bikes to the church. Holy cow I have not ridden a bike in a long time. But you never forget; it's like riding a bike. And it's Madagascar so I hit like 3 people. The people here don't know how to go from one place to another effectively and not being in someone's way. I got to see the area today though and it is huge compared to my area in Fianarantsoa. And Antsirabe is so poor. So poor. The people are awesome though. We taught one time and they gave us food. I felt bad to take it and I also felt bad after I ate it. The food here destroys you. 

Friday started off way good with a visit from the Tolmans. They brought packages and cookies over to our house. I got my birthday cookies! Sooo good. We taught a bunch of times and walked a lot but it was a good day.

Saturday we had interviews with President which are just always good. It's great just to be able to talk to President. We taught a Preach my Gospel class after that and then went out to teach. We had a soiree that night and had made brownies to take with us. We went back to the house to grab them and there were some mouse tracks in part of it. Way funny. We let the people we taught eat that piece. They are used to eating that stuff anyway. 

Sunday was way good. The Adams came to our sacrament meeting and President gave an awesome talk. I ended up translating for Sister Adams which was way hard. Elder Christie and I ended up giving our testimonies since we are the new missionaries in the branch. It was a lot easier this time now that I have a little bit of a firmer grasp on this language. We had a bunch of member help today when we went out to work and caught a bunch of spiders to fry up. Elder Razaka knows how so we're gonna try it. We went back and got our bikes from the church and rode them home. Holy cow was that hard. I have not used some of those muscles like that in a long time. 

I'm not sure on the plan for today but I think we way go play soccer. We cybered first thing so we haven't done anything yet today haha.

Well I just want to say that I know this church is true and I know that the Atonement is real. I know that as we seek to repent and come closer unto him, we will be changed and that we will become more like him. I know this gospel blesses lives; I know it's blessed mine. 

Have a great week everyone.

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