Monday, June 29, 2015


The time just flies for real. Well this week was not the best to be honest. We had a lot of times stand us up because of Vingt-six (the number 26 in French). It's the Malagasy Independence Day and it's a pretty big thing here. The go all out for it. 

But anyway on Monday, we had all our times stand us up except for our time with Nirina's family. They are super nice and way cool people but just really need to come to church. Her mom comes usually but the dad has a hard time coming. We had a good lesson with them and had a good meal. They always feed us and it's super nice of them. I am just so humbled by these wonderful people. We are in a house that is barely standing on it's own and here they are giving us food and making sure we are comfortable in their home. And they are always super shy/bashful/ashamed about their house when we go in. Sorry I don't know what menatra is in English anymore but that's what I meant to say. And it's all the Malagasies. They are all like that when they have two white guys enter into their home. I think Embarrassed might be the word I'm looking for. 

But Tuesday we had a bit of a rough day. Elder Reynolds tire went flat twice. It was flat when we left the house so we took it to a repair guy and got it fixed. We went to our first lesson and had a great lesson with a referral from Sr Zanarisoa's husband. It was a powerful lesson on Joseph Smith and it just reaffirmed to me the truthfulness of the message we bring. But yeah we had a great lesson with Rojo, that was his name, and when we got out, Elder Reynold's other tire was flat so we had to go get that one repaired and we lost a lot of time doing that. Then all our other times fell through after that. We did some contacting and contacted into a French guy. It was way awkward because we don't speak French. I told him that we weren't good at French (thank you Elder Connault for teaching me that) but he just kept speaking french to us. He finally realized that we spoke English and asked what we were doing there. We told him that we were missionaries and he responded by saying, "Ok well that's not for me, goodbye" and shut the door. So that was awesome. Not. I am very grateful to be here in Madagascar and not in France that's for sure. We taught Patrick and Ony for the first time in quite awhile. It was actually the first time that we have seen them in awhile too. They haven't been to church in like 3 or 4 weeks. We talked with them and they just need more time to get an answer to prayer I think. They are not fully converted and that's what we need; conversion. 

Wednesday we had to work on Elder Reynolds's bike again because the brake wasn't working. That took a lot longer than I thought it would and so we were a little late getting out. So we just did some contacting until English class. We had some success and found some cool people that we are excited to teach. English class though was a bust. No one showed up. But while we were waiting for the students that were to never come, we decided to go into the Royal Palace real quick and see the prices for the food. Well it was the weirdest place ever. It's super nice inside and I was genuinely uncomfortable. It didn't feel natural to be inside a building that nice. But after that we were able to teach quite a few people, mostly less actives and had a good time. We started teaching the guy that fixes our bikes actually. He's a member but is super less active. We had a good lesson with him about the Atonement and the Sacrament. His family is very awesome and I love them a lot. I hope we can get them to come back to church. 

Thursday was a lot of times falling through. Too many. All of them fell though actually. All the times. Gone. So it turned into a tracting day and a visiting less actives day. We did teach one investigator that is a stud. His name is Honora and he loves us coming over. He sincerely wants to know the truth. We talked Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon with him and gave him a copy. He is very interested and wants to know if our message is true or not. I see him going far. We stopped by Raivo and Prisca and talked with them for a little while. There was no guy there so we couldn't go in and teach. But they are doing good. WE also stopped by Maxime and gave him a spiritual thought to help him with his drinking. Then that night was the night before Vingt-six and Elder LEhr called us asking if we wanted to go the Royal Palace for dinner. So we went. I had some lobster that cost 2 dollars and it was way good. But that was probably the only good thing about it. They were having a huge party there due to the fact that it was almost Vingt-six and it was just full of rich Malagasies. It just made me so mad. These rich Malagasies staying at this nice hotel, dropping thousands of Ariary on alcohol, and food and wearing super nice clothes. They money that they wasted that night was more money than most of the members we teach and definitely more money than any of our investigators have ever seen at one time. The fact that these people were just blowing money on selfish passions when there are Malagasies, just like them, down the street that have nothing, barely get enough food each day to feed their families and are just struggling to get by each day. They live in mud or brick huts that barely stand on their own. If I was going fast enough on my bike and hit one, I could probably knock it down. I was beyond uncomfortable. I tried to eat my food as fast as possible just to get out of there so I wouldn't have to look at that anymore. Nothing has ever bothered me that much in my life.

Friday was Vignt -six and we had lunch at Maxime's house. It was super good and there was tons of food. We also had a soiree with Robin's family that night and we were in charge of the loaka. SO we bought a ton of beans and 5 kilos of potatoes for or celebration of sorts. I figured that would be enough for 10 people and if it was too much then they would had some leftovers. We taught a new family that are very cool. They are very interested and we talked about the Book of Mormon with them and gave them one. They loved it and they want to read and pray about it so we'll see how it goes. They are Adventists so that's the only way they'll ever come to church is if they receive an answer. We got a phone call after the lesson from the zone leaders telling us that we had to be home at 7 that night and that the message had come straight from President Adams. So that was kind of lame but President knows best and it is a Indepednece Day celebration in Madagascar so who knows what'll go down. 

Saturday we had a lessonj in the morning because that was the only time this guy could learn, Soja is his name. He's a hardcore Catholic and we had a hard time teaching him to be honest. Next week we will have a better time I think. We taught some members after that named Frem and Paulette. They are amazing. Frem is confined to a wheelchair because he can't stand up and walk. But that doesn't stop him. He still can get around without his wheelchair. He does like a weird crawl, thing with his hands and his feet. It's hard to describe. But they are super cool; I love them a lot. We were also able to teach a new kid named Marka. He actually came to church a few weeks ago out of the blue but this was the first opportunity that we were able to teach him. He's a stud and will do really well.

Sunday was a great day. I got a phone call at 7:20 that morning from Raivo and Prisca saying that they were at the church and were wondering when we were coming. Church starts at 8. Members don't even go that early. But yeah we had a good turnout for church yesterday and Elder Reynolds gave a very good talk about faith. Branch Council went very well. We were able to teach quite a few people yesterday too but the highlight had to have been Raholy and Hery. We are trying to get them off of chewing tobacco and they've come a long ways. They have gone from multiple times a day to a tiny bit a night in only one week. Seriously a miracle. They only have to stop completely now. We just strengthened them and then Raholy offered probably the most sincere prayer I have ever heard in my life. It was awesome.

And while I was writing this email, I got a phone call from Elder Connault. He is still in Madagascar even though he finished his mission. He is going around with his parents right now. But He was just in Fianarantsoa and while he was at church, he saw Herman and Celestine there! I don't know if you remember them but Elder Connault and I contacted into them and started teaching them. Apparently they are coming every week to church and have a baptismal date for next month! I'm way happy for them! I knew they'd do well and progress well. 

President Adams goes home on Thursday and it's sad to see him leave but he has finished the work that the Lord sent him here to do and boy has it made a difference. The church is so much stronger here now because of the work he has done. He was a great mission president and I am excited to meet President Foote, who is coming to Madagascar on Wednesday. I probably won't see him until next week or in two weeks but still. 

Little side note: Worms are a legitimate concern right now and I'll keep you posted but it's hard to say right now. But I truly hope it is not true. 

Anyway, have a great week everyone and give referrals to the missionaries. It makes things much easier. 

Elder Coleman

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