Monday, August 24, 2015

Tracting, tracting, Muslims, and more tracting

We had a good week this week. I was very happy with it and we saw some success. 

Monday we had our regular lesson with Liva and Hery and then we had a soiree with a returned missionary and Nantenaina. It was way fun. 

Tuesday we had a good day of teaching. We taught Dorsia and are helping him to learn more about Jesus Christ. It's kind of pointless to go to anything other than that if he doesn't understand that. We ended up dropping Vololona and Lala. They just were not going anywhere; not coming to church or reading or doing anything. We were able to find some new investigators too. We taught a new family, Niry is the mom's name. The husband was home but he was sleeping in the other room so we just showed the Restoration video with her. She loved it and we could tell she felt something. We also found a new guy named Olivier. He's cool and pretty smart. He'll go far I think. We then taught a guy from our English class, Dieu Donne. He asked us on Saturday if we could teach him. He was taught before but something happened and now we are teaching him. 

Wednesday we taught a lot. We taught Timoty and his family again and taught about the apostasy. It was a great lesson because as we talked about the foundation of Christ's church, everything just clicked in their minds about what happened and why Joseph Smith was needed. It was a great moment. We taught a bunch of less actives that day too. We taught one 18 year old that hasn't been to church in ages and he promised that he would come to church. Well he didn't. We taught Arlette about what it takes to get to the celestial kingdom and she understands pretty well she just isn't motivated to do it is the problem. Then we taught Mahazo, a less active recent convert and taught a great lesson about enduring to the end. 

Thursday we taught a lot too. We taught a bunch of new people that we tracted into. Most of them were Muslims. Muslims are very interesting to teach because they don't exactly believe in Jesus. One of the ladies acted like it was ridiculous to believe that the Son of God was born on earth to an earthly mother and that that kind of thing couldn't happen. They are interesting people for sure. We tracted into a very cool family and they were super excited to see us. They basically dragged us into their house to teach them. So we showed them the video of the Restoration and it was a disaster. The lady that was so eager to hear was a hardcore 7th day Adventist and she just would not have it. She flat out refused that the story could be true and just completely turned against us at that point. It wasn't a total loss though. The one guy in the house saw the part about the Book of Mormon and that struck him with interest. So we gave him one and invited him to English class. 

Friday we didn't have the best day. Lots of times fell through. But as we were doing weekly planning that morning we came across a teaching record of an investigator that was apparently super smart and a great investigator. He left during the teaching and was going to come back a few months after. Well we decided to see if we could find his house.We didn't but we ended up finding another lady that let us in. She said that earlier that day, some missionaries had come by and knocked and she didn't let them in. She felt bad about it and wondered if they were sent from God to bless her and she turned them down. SO we she saw us come to her door she let us in. We had a great lesson about Joseph Smith and the spirit was very strong there and she loved it. We are excited to go back to her this week. 

Saturday we had English class in the morning and we watched Meet the Mormons. I thought they would like it because they don't have to listen to us drone on but no: they complained. Malagasies... You give them a gift and they complain. It's just a great thing. We had a lot of lessons fall through again on Saturday. We taught Timoty's family and had a great lesson with them. Before the lesson he told us he had been doing the homework that we gave him, that is, reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. And he said he knew it was true. I felt the power of it too when he said it. It was cool. 

Sunday we had Timoty's dad and Mahazo both come to church! IT was awesome! We didn't have a ton of investigators come but it's ok I guess. We'll keep working. A lot of our lessons fell through yesterday too so that was lame. We are going to work hard this week to fix up our program at the end of the week and we have a couple ideas for getting some of the members involved. 

Next week I am not sure if I will be able to email because the zone conference is on Monday. We are flying in to Tana on Sunday night, will have the zone conference on Monday and then come back Tuesday. 

Oh and also I forgot to mention but I crashed on my bike again. Friday night I crashed on the main road. The gears on the bike were super broken and they stick a lot and as I was going, they stuck way hard and I crashed somehow. Nothing bad, just a little sore now. My pants got destroyed though. 

Well have a great week everyone!

Elder Coleman

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