Monday, August 31, 2015

Zone Conference with Elder Cook

This has been a crazy week but a great one! And we had a great finish to the week as well! This past week we were able to get a lot done that we wanted to so that was way good!

Monday we just had a chill at home P-day. Those are probably some of the best P-days. We taught Liva and Hery that night about the Sabbath day and had a great lesson with them. They are awesome and I love going to them every Monday.

Tuesday we had a great day of teaching. We taught Modesta first about Joseph Smith again. He understood it really well. It was good. He needed it. Then we taught Dorice and showed him the Finding Faith in Christ video since he really has no background in that. It was good; the movie is very clear and it's a lot easier to understand as a video. Then we got Toky's dad, Lalaclerc, and taught those Muslim people that we contacted into. We taught the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and gave them a copy. The one really liked it and is excited to read it. Then we taught Dieu Donne about the Book of Mormon and he accepted a baptismal date for the 31 of October. We also taught Ulrich, a less active member who is a super awesome guy. He's a Melchezidek Priesthood holder and we need him so bad in this branch right now. The Lord needs him. 

Wednesday we taught Dada first thing about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. He just has a problem with smoking though that he has had since he was a teenager. He is already starting to quit and the desire is there so we are helping him a lot right now and praying for him to get him to quit. We taught Timoty after that and read the Joseph Smith story with him and his dad to get a refresher on that. They are doing awesome and are progressing really well. We had a great lesson with Ordance and she is reading! Finally! I kind of got upset with her last time we were there and told her that this is the most important thing that she could do in her life and that she needs to read on her own. We had given her a reading assignment in 3 Nephi 11 and I hate to admit but I had doubts about her actually reading it. But she read! And she loves it! She finally sees the value of it and it was honestly like a relief lifting from my shoulders when she said that she had not only read but had continued to 3 Nephi 18. We taught the Asian guy, Andry, and his family again. We want to teach him so bad but we'll just have to go slowly I guess. We taught Mahazo also to finish of the day and had a great lesson with him about the temple and he loved it. He came to church and it was just such a relief. 

Thursday we taught Dorice again about the apostasy and the prophets. We have to go slow with him because he has a hard time if we give to much information at once. Then we taught Olivier about prayer and answer to prayer and had a good lesson with him. We gave him a baptismal date also for the 31 of October. We did some tracting and contacted into a very cool lady that just let us in. She saw us and knew that we had something good to bring so she let us in. We had a good discussion with her and showed her the 1st video and she loved it. The only potential problem with her is that her husband works on boats so he is gone to France for months at a time on barges. We had a great lesson with a less active member that we were not able to get a hold of for awhile. We read from Alma chapter 5 which is a super great chapter by the way and has great insights and is a good right if you are feeling a little prideful or content. It'll burst that bubble real fast haha. 

Friday we got a surprise phone call from Toky. He told us that we needed to go to his house right now because there was some letters for us from the mission. He said they had pictures of the American flag all over it, like 7 pictures or I guess they were stamps. Hmmm...?? So yeah we went over to his house and there were things for us but also he had received his mission call and we went with him to the branch president's house and opened it. I took a video but I'm in the mission office right now and don't have a card reader to upload the pictures. But he is going to Congo and leaves on the 29 of Octobers. We taught Vololona and had an interesting lesson with her about Alma 5. At the end she had a lot of questions from a Jehovah's Witness book that she had received. It was a little annoying but we set things straight. We taught Ordance and finished the Book of Mormon with her using the guide that we were given at zone conference a couple conferences ago. We had a lot of lessons fall through after that which was very lame. But we did teach a less active that has been under the radar for a little while. But we had a good lesson with him and were able to get to know him a little bit better. His name is Jean Marc and he is really good friends with a member that is on a mission right now for our branch. He gets back pretty soon and so we should get some more solidity in the branch. 

Saturday we had a good English class and had a bunch of people show. We had Dada fall through and that was lame but we had Timoty and had a great lesson with them. They bore their testimonies to us about the Book of Mormon and the truthfulness of the church. And then they thanked us for coming and teaching them and helping them re-discover what they already knew. We then went to a lady that we contacted into the other day and gave her a Book of Mormon. She loved it and is excited to read and we are excited to go back and see how she is going.

Sunday we had church and President Lalari was there from the mission presidency. We had a lot of people come to church too. We had 70 people there it was awesome. It was also Chael's last Sunday because she is leaving for her mission tomorrow. After church we went to the airport and got on a p[lane and flew to Anosibe, which is this little island of the coast in the north. It is a super touristic place and so it was no surprise that tons of white people got on the plane there. And then we were off to Tana. We got there and got personally picked up by President and the AP's. We just went back to the mission home and hung out there while my companion and the new AP got interviews. So while we were waiting for that we got fed and had a photoshoot at Sister Foote's request. So that's why my picture was on Instagram. We stayed at the Ap's apartment last night with a bunch of other elders.

Today was an awesome day. We had the zone conference this morning at 8 at the church building right next to the US Embassy with Elder Cook of the Quorum of the 70. It was a great zone conference and it was all about conversion and obedience. Conversion is all about being true to the gospel. Conversion is a gift of gratitude to God for the gift of testimony. And Obedience is the key. It is our choice whether to live the higher standard or not. There is no in between. It is either you are doing it or not. I really liked it a lot and gave me a lot of conviction to try to be a better missionary and bless our investigators.

Thanks for tuning in this week to my droning on. Peace out and remember that the real show of our faith is through works. And nothing is too precious to sacrifice to the Lord. You can either choose eternal life or disobedience. And yes, even the little things count.

Elder Coleman

Austin wasn't able to send any pictures this week because of traveling but thanks to Sister Foote I still got some!!!

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