Monday, November 9, 2015

Busy week, President Lalari, and Lac Sacre

It sure was a busy week this week and kinda of long one. Lots of times that fell through so that was a little annoying but we don't dwell on those we just keep moving forward. It is just going to happen sometimes.

Since I'm ponderizing scriptures I'll include the one that I did during the following week which was 2Nephi 9:39. Really good one. Read it.

So on Monday we attended Abel and Liva's first family home evening. Long story short, they need some practice. No one here does it and so we are trying to get that going, one family at a time if we have to. But it was good. Fr Abel taught the lesson on Nephi going to get the brass plates and talked about family history work. It was an interesting thing that I had never really thought about before. 

Tuesday we didn't so much have lessons fall through we just had an empty program for the most part. So tracting is what went down. We were only able to set up return appointments but it's still better than nothing. We were able to teach a new family that we contacted into last week. He was very cool and wants us to come back so we will. We taught Dada again and we are trying really hard to get him to baptism. He has changed a lot already but he isn't quite there yet. He just has a hard time coming to church every week. He's reading the Book of Mormon and making excellent progress on it but church is what is really holding him back. And we were teaching Ulrich on Tuesday and we really tried to get him to come back to church. There was no more beating around the bush or trying to ease him into it but we just sat him down and asked him what his goal is in life. He said to get to eternal life. Well you can't do that without the gospel and you definitely can't do that without the sacrament and going to church every Sunday. He didn't come but we'll keep trying. 

Wednesday we had the before mentioned falling through of lessons. We had Stephano helping us and so we went to a couple less actives with him and had some good lessons with them. He also showed us to a past investigator that was interesting. He is going back to where he actually lives and there is no church there so it's kinda pointless to teach him. We had a soiree that night with a Taylor Moulton who used to be a missionary here in Mada. He just came to vacation I guess and so we had a soiree with him and some members and it was super fun. It was weird to see someone from America that wasn't a missionary. Then we taught Mahazo. He hasn't come to church in a while but still isn't coming even though he says that he is coming every week. 

We taught Cece first about the Book of Mormon and he absolutely loves it. He really wants to know if it is true and told us he was going to come to church even though he didn't. He has a lot of potential though and I'm excited to teach him this week. We taught the people that live right next door to the house and they are also showing great potential. The love the Restoration and find it very interesting. We had a meeting with the branch presidency that night and set up a couple firesides for the branch. One of them is a literal fireside. At the beach. At night. It's gonna be great. We also have one coming up where we are going to have the members bring a friend and we are going to talk the Restoration with them all. We are hoping for a good turnout. We taught Dieu Donne after that and he is looking good too. He says that he feels like the Book of Mormon is true. We are going to make sure that he actually knows first and then we will continue on with the teachings. Dada the second is also in a similar boat. 

Friday we had a pretty good day. We had quite a few times fall through on us but we were able to teach Marie and Josefa. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation again because the husband wasn't there last time. We taught Tsilavina and Naomi too nut it was not a super good lesson. he was not focused at all and kept getting calls on the phone and stuff so we are going to try again this week. We went clear out and taught Victor and he is doing great! We have him on date for the 28 and he is going to make it! He is super diligent and loves coming to church. He's going to great in the church.

Saturday we had English and it was super good. Tons of people came including some of our investigators. And then Saturday literally all of our times fell through. We were scrabbling finding people to teach. We were contacting and calling less actives but it all worked out in the end. We were able to find some families to teach. We taught Sr Hardy and Teddy together because Teddy happened to be visiting her when we dropped by. We taught a new family and we were also able to teach Dada that night but he wasn't able to make it to church yesterday for some reason. Also I helped a kid with his English homework so that was kinda fun. 

Sunday was fast Sunday and it was a tough one for sure. It's hard to not drink anything now that it is super hot but I'll live. We had a pretty good turnout for members but not so much for the investigators. President Lalari came up from Tana this week and did some training with the leaders. He gave a talk in church and told all the members that they need to get a move on and help the missionaries. It was great! We had a ton of members come up to us after the meeting and ask when they could help. Hopefully they mean it. I ended up teaching the investigator class because the teacher never showed up. So that was fun. After church we had a good teaching day. We were able to teach a few new people and catch people on our regular program. We found a new family that has a lot of potential and we were also able to catch a less active at home and committed him to come to church next week. 

And then today we had a great day. We woke up at 4:40 this morning and went with Stephano to a place called Lac Sacre. It was a long ways because we had to walk there. It was cool though. There was a cool pond that was crystal clear with cool fish in it and then there was a big baobab tree with three Maki lemurs (or Zabomafo lemurs) and then we finished it off by looking at some crocidiles. The crocs were way scary. Super big. Our tour guide kept poking it with a stick and then it would get mad and growl and bite the stick. 

But that's it for this last week and hopefully this week will be even better! It's getting way hotter and I have lost a lot of weight. All the weight I gained in Antsirabe is gone. It's really sad. 

Elder Coleman

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