Monday, November 2, 2015

It's really hot and it's raining and we got to watch conference :)

So we had a really good week this week. Work wise it went very well and we got to watch conference too which was super good! Loved it! It'll be great when I don't have to wait a month to watch it though.
So last Monday we didn't do much but I typed up a paper in Malagasy as a guide to conducting family home evening that we were going to experiment on Liva and Hery. If it goes well then we are going to spread it throughout the branch. Well the lesson went really well with them and they are way excited to try it out and get it going. I gave them a bunch of suggestions for lessons so they should be good on lessons for awhile.
Tuesday was good. We taught Modesta and we are really trying to get him to understand how important this message is for him and his family. He just seems to think it is a cool thing and is interesting to hear about and that when he has time he will come to church and stuff. Yeah that is not gonna get someone into the celestial kingdom. Our next couple times fell through so we did some tracting and tracted the house right behind ours and got in. They were very nice and very interested but the return appointment we set up for later in the week was stood up. So yeah. Things happen. We taught Albert and we are having kind of a struggle with getting him to understand 100%. One of the biggest problems is that he can't read very well. We taught a new investigator family that is way cool. They love the teachings and they loved the Book of Mormon. The husband is Muslim so it'll be kinda interesting but he seemed very interested about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. We finished off the day with Ulrich and tried to get him to come back to church. He is such a cool guy.
Wednesday we taught Timoty and had them share with us why they joined the church; what brought them to become baptized into the church to help them see that they actually believe it's true. it was our last lesson with them because they are moving back to Tana and there Elder Heiden can start teaching them again. We taught Emmy and had a great lesson with her. She was very receptive this time and as we taught her about covenants she made some very helpful insights. It was a neat experience. We taught Jackie after that and gave him a baptismal date for December. Then we Joseph and Mary and read with them from the Book of Mormon. They love the Book of Mormon so far and are actually reading it so it's great. We had a couple other new investigators that we taught and then finished off the day by teaching Arlette about how to receive an answer to her prayers.
Thursday everything fell though. We ended up tracting for 5 hours straight in the hottest time of the day and no one was letting us in. But right at the end, we were able to get into a house of a family that is super great! They are super smart and seem very prepared by the Lord. I'm very excited to go teach them again this week. We had a meeting with our branch presidency to figure out how conference was going to go down and then we taught Dada and gave him a baptismal date for December as well.
Friday we taught Vololona about baptism and tried to get her more excited about getting baptized soon. She really wants to wait for her husband and that's good. We were just trying to get her excited so that she'll get her husband on track to get it done. We taught Ordance about prayer and about how to receive an answer to prayer and she said she was going to come on Sunday but didn't, as always. Very frustrating. She knows the Book of Mormon is true. We went to Viktor after that and reviewed the Plan of Salvation with them and they loved it. They came to conference too! We got back from them and did some tracting. We went to the house of one of our Enlgish students and taught him. We had Bernard that night and Philibert and they are just awesome. I love both of those families. Philibert's wife though is very frustrating. She just comes up with so many excuses to why she doesn't come to church. 
Saturday was great! Loved conference! All the talks on Saturday were super good but some of the talks I like especially were President Uchtdorf's in the Morning session, Elder Holland's in the Afternoon and Uchtdorf and Eyring's in the Priesthood session. Super good talks and I loved them. After conference we had some times set up but they all fell through so it was kinda lame.
Sunday was just as good as Saturday. I really enjoyed the testimonies of the new Apostles and the Eyring talk in the Morning session. And in the Afternoon session I really liked Devin G Durrant and Elder Bednar's talk. The members fed us in between sessions too it was great! Super good! After conference we were able to go teach a couple people. We taught Mary and Joseph about the Plan of Salvation and they lo0ved it. We taught Arlette about the Sabbath and then went to a somewhat new family and reviewed the Restoration with them. It was great!
And it has rained everyday this week. It has usually rained at night and made the day way hotter and more humid. It rained this morning and it is so humid right now. I'm seriously just pouring sweat right now. I'm told that it is supposed to get hotter and have more rain as time goes on into December and January.
Elder Coleman

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