Monday, March 21, 2016


Yeah so this week was full of cool things! And I am also not in the same area as I was last week. Sorry the keyboard here is broken and likes to type L's so just ignore that. 

So Monday was a good day! We taught FLavien and hanta that night and had a great time with them. We gave 3 blessings to them because they were all sick. It was way cool and a great experience for all of us.

Tuesday we had a pretty good day as well. We were able to teach Armando about baptism. He's awesome! He's progressing really well and is getting really far in the Book of Mormon. We got dogged a lot after that but we got some good contacting in. We went and visited the Elders quorum president that night but he wasn't home so we went to the old president's house and taught him and his family. His family makes up about 20 members of the branch so it was pretty cool. 

Wednesday was a cool day. I went on a split with Elder Tambula to do a baptismal interview and it was a super good day. We taught a lot. Also part way through the day President called and told me I was being transferred. I was leaving on Saturday. He doesn't want to whitewash the area so he was sending me and my new companion Elder Jensen there a week and a half early. I will tell you later where I went. I had a way cool interview with their investigator. She's super cool and was so ready for baptism. 

Thursday I got a ride back to Ambohimanarina with the AP's and Elder Yeagley's new companion temporarily, Elder Andrianitinarisoa. I don't know if you remember Patrick from when I was in Fianarantsoa? Well that's him. He was in England for the last 7 months and had visa issues and is now back in Mada. We also had a split with Elder Heiden that day so Elder Heiden and Patrick came with me and we had a super good day. We contacted into a super cool guy named Fidison. He has tons of potential. We taught Mlbolatina as well and she is awesome. We were able to get her on date for the 25 of June. I was able to stop by Ndriana's as well and say goodbye to them. It rained super hard too and neither of the other two brought any thing and I felt way bad for them. 

Friday we did splits with Ivandry and Ankorondrano. I went with Elder Hammer and Elder Soper. I had to do 5 baptismal interviews for them. But it was a super cool day. They are great and work super hard and the baptismal interviews were phenomenal. I love doing them. I can really feeel the spirit in them. The 4 of the interviews was a family. I did the mom very last. When I told her she could be baptized she cried. It was so cool! After that we had to take a taxi back to our house so I could pack to leave the next morning at 8 with elder Jensen. 

So Saturday morning I woke up at 5 to get all my stuff packed and Elder Jensen and I said our good byes to the other Elders and headed off to the airport about 7. No problems with security or anything but some random lady wanted me to take a box of cheese with me to give to someone waiting at the airport. So yeah we got on our plane and arrived safely in Fort Dauphin!! Yep I died and am now in the promised land. Our house is right on this beautiful beach. We went straight out to work, had 10 times planned and caught all ten. 

Sunday was cool too. On the way to church we met the Chinese guy that I taught in Mahajanga! He was the one with the twin babies. It must be fate that I need to teach him. But church went great. The branch ran super well and we had 21 investigators at church. We went out and taught some of the most amazing investigators I have taught my whole mission. I am seriously just blown away. I am unfortunately not in the other branch which meets on the beach, it has 230 at church every week and 40+ investigators at church. This is paradise And I will finish my mission here. It's so awesome. My area had 62 lessons this week! 

Today we went out to the country side, a small little village and watched a wedding. It was super cool to see the country and drive out in the jungle and see all these cool things. I will send pictures next week because I don't have a card reader. 

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Coleman 
Fort Dauphin

 Saying Goodbye!

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