Sunday, March 6, 2016

"You aren't worthy to wash my clothes"

So super fun week this week. Love being a missionary! We had a cool week this week.

Ponderize: Romans 5:19

On Monday we didn't do much but we were able to have a soiree with the Branch president. He's a way cool guy and has a great family. We shared a little message with them about prayer and it was way cool. 

Tuesday morning we had an MLC. The AP's picked us up the night before and we stayed at their house. We had the MLC in president's office and talked about Elder Hamilton coming for the zone conference, which is today. It was a great meeting; always is with president Foote. We got out kinda later than we thought and were not really able to catch our program. We were able to stop by Ollen though. He was less active but we reactivated him and now he is doing great. His wife is a Jehovah's Witness and he really wants her to join the church. We'll just have to give her time on this one. 

Wednesday we had a pretty good day. We did a bit of contacting by the church and tracted into this scary looking guy named Faly but he was way cool actually. He was super interested in the message and had been in contact with missionaries before but he has moved since then so therefore lost contact. We then went and taught Armando. He's doing great. Still not super sure about him but we'll see. About this time we got a weird phone call from some number that we ddin't recognize and we were trying to figure out who it was. We started to head over to this other part of our area and then we called them again and figured out that it was an investigator that lived in the area that we were going to. They wanted us to come over right away. So we go over and it's Clement's son. He informs us that Clement and his wife have been thrown in jail for not paying their house payments. The kids were way sad and so we comforted them a little bit. It was sad. They were crying. We taught Jean Kely after that and had a good lesson with him. We are having a hard time getting him to come back to church. We had a FHE with Flavien and Hanta that night and it went way well. We went over "The Family: A proclamation to the world" It was way cool.

Thursday we did a lot of contacting and we had a couple times dog us that we had set up earlier in the week. That was lame. We taught Tsimangiky and also asked if Fr Monja would go visit Clement's kids and make sure they were ok. Monja is awesome. He just went straight there after that and he has been a huge support for them. Way cool. We taught Edmond and Lily that night and talked about the Word of Wisdom some more and followed up on them. They are coming off little by little. They are kind of frustrating though. 

Friday we went on splits with Ankorondrano. We both went in the same area because it is kinda struggling and got a ton of contacting in. All we did was 6 hours of straight tracting. I've never done that much tracting my whole mission. It was a lot! We found a lot of cool people that want to hear about the Restoration so it was cool. That was where the title came from too. We were contacting and a lady was washing her clothes. We offered to help. She denied and said we are not worthy to wash her clothes. I went on a split with Elder Knight who is from a suburb of Oklahoma City. Way cool guy. Had a great time.

Saturday we were able to teach quite a bit. Armando is reading a lot out of the Book of Mormon. Jean louis's family is kinda frustrating. They say a lot of good things but won't come to church. It's hard for them because they are so poor but they don't realize how many blessing they will receive if they go to church! We taught Ndriana. and had a great lesson with him. We talked about all the progress he has made smoking and we challenged him to fast again and just be done. Just stop. He says he's ready and I hope he can endure it. He needs to if he wants to get baptized on the 26.

Sunday we taught a ton. We had 12 times set up. A lot weren't home which we expected but we were still able to catch a lot. We found some really cool new people that we hope will progress. We got 13 new investigators just yesterday. it was an awesome day.

Today we have a zone conference with Elder Hamilton of the second quorum of the 70. I'm way excited for it and can't wait to apply what he teaches into our area and to our investigators. Have a great week everyone!

Elder Coleman

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