Monday, February 29, 2016

Prayer and Stake Conference

Ponderize: Alma 37:37

Well it was an interesting week this week. I'll explain more about the title later on in the email.

So Monday we went to the office and played some ping pong and some basketball and went with the AP's for a little bit and did some fun things. THey were so nice to drive us all the way back out to our area. We had a soiree with Rakotomalala and it was super good! Love soirees at his house. It was super fun.

Tuesday we had a really good day. We started off with Flavien adn Hanta. They are awesome. Just awesome. I love them so much. We had alot of times dog us after that so that was kinda lame But we were able to teach Peter and he is honestly a bit hard to teach. He just has his own way of seeing things. We taught Clement after that and he and his family are awesome. Just love what we are bringing them. Really willing as well to follow what it is that we want them to do. Edmond and Lily were the last time that day and we were able to talk with them about how to overcome temptation since they are both struggling with the Tenin'ny Fahendrena (Word of Wisdom). IT went really well and they are great. 

Wednesday we taught a couple times as well. We taught Armando about prayer and talked about his reading in the Book of Mormon. He's doing great! He's way solid and it reading a ton. We then taught Jean Kely about repentance and it was a great lesson. I can tell that he felt something at church. He seemed much more receptive. Naina and Fiantso were next and they told us they were moving and would call us when they are done with that. They aren't moving super far from where they currently live so it shouldn't be a big deal trying to find them again. Then we had a soiree with Tojo the DMB and it was super good! Love eating rice!

Thursday we had a zone meeting. We re-emphasized Pres Foote's goals for the mission and also talked about how to work with the ward for investigators and less actives. It went really well I thought. I love being a zone leader. I love getting to see all the missionaries all the time. Then we went out to work and got dogged so we went and contacted. Got into one time but they weren't too interested. We went and stopped by Fara and Rudolf and did a little Vatsim-panahy with them. We went and taught Tsimangiky and his family and then had his dad, who is a member, come with us to teach Clement. They are both originally from the same area of Madagascar so it worked out great. Then we went and did a FHE with Flavien and Hanta. They are so cool! They are just so patient and literally laugh together whenever something goes wrong. They have such great faith and honestly inspire me. 

Friday we had a split with Ambohimangakely and Ankadidrimmamy. I went with Elder Heiden and Elder Nelson in Ambohimangakely. It was a super fun split. They are doing great! They are both great missionaries and love the members and their area. It was fun to be back with Elder Heiden as well! It was just like being back in Mahajanga. Remember Timoty from Mahajanga? Well they moved to Ambohimangakely and we taught them that day! It was way cool to see them.

Saturday we taught Christian and his family first thing and they are awesome. They love what we are teaching them and are literally begging to be baptized. We had a really good lesson with them about the Book of Mormon and Prayer. We went and taught Armando after that and started the Plan of Salvation then went all the way to the other side of our area to teach Jean Louis. We finished that and came back to teach Gina at Rakotomalala's house. There was a meeting going on at the church for stake conference that night with the area 70 so we figured he might be there. Well he wasn't and he wasn't at home either so we didn't get to teach her. Then we went to Ndriana's house and had an awesome lesson with them. We all fasted together that day to help him get off of smoking and it was awesome. They were all home all day together reading scriptures and praying and singing. Seriously so cool. 

Sunday was stake conference and it was really good. Lots of people came and I was surprised at how many I knew. Going on so many splits gets you to know people. We had a bunch of investigators come to church too! It was awesome! We got dogged a lot on Sunday. It was kind of a rough day to be honest. We taught Clement again and had a good talk about baptism with them. They are on track. And then we went to Fara and Rudolf again. They haven't come to church in a few weeks. They make me really sad. 

SO this week I was really focusing my studies on prayer and I saw a lot of improvement. I started doing a thing I call "A prayer Journal". Basically about 15 minutes before I go to bed each night I just have a little quiet time and write down everything I want to pray for. And it works great! I'm excited to keep doing it and to get better! 

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