Monday, February 22, 2016

A great week and a rat

Hel 15:7-8 is my ponderize scripture of the week.

So kind of a great week. We didn't have any splits outside of our area for once so we were able to just focus on ours and it was awesome. 

Monday we had a good day. We went into central Tana and ate at a nice place and went around looking at souvenirs and stuff. That night we had a time but it fell through so that was kinda lame. 

Tuesday we were able to catch a ton of people. We taught Armando first. He's a great guy. Just showed up to church one Sunday. Doing very well. Then we went to peter who is kinda on the fence. We have this new family we are teaching that are way cool! They are super diligent and love the teachings! We taught them and they are just awesome. No complaints. Flavien and Hanta were our last time and we had a soiree with them and did a FHE. Way fun. They are super awesome and gave us some really good food. And lots of fat. Way fun. Also that morning we killed a rat. With Brooms. It was epic. 

Wednesday I went on a split with Elder Hardy in our area. It was super fun. He's a great missionary. He goes home at the end of March. We went to CHristian first and they are way awesome. They are a member referral and they love the teachings. The wife was super interested and they are already asking when they can be baptized. After that we went and taught George and Hanta and there were a ton of people at their house. Kinda weird but it worked. We taught this referral that Elder Hardy had for us but the guy was just visiting in our area actually and really lived in Elder Hardy's area. Then we taught Jean Kely and had an awesome lesson with him! We got him to pray and come to church! More than we've ever gotten him to do! It's way awesome! We had our DMB meeting and then went to a soiree at Ndriana's house.

Thursday was a great day as well. We taught a bunch of new families and are seeing a lot of success. It's awesome! We taught Edmond and Lily that night and had a great lesson with them on the Word of Wisdom. I love them a lot but they are having a hard time progressing and I am afraid that we will have to drop them soon. After that we were walking home and a South African named Derrick picked us up and took us home. Way cool guy. He's a civil engineer and works here in Mada. He is currently building a Shoprite in Mahajanga and he also likes to do humanitarian work. Way nice guy. 

Friday we had a great day. It was mostly tracting but we were able to get into a lot of houses. We taught 3 times just by tracting is was way cool. One guy that let us in I felt way bad for. He has had a rough couple of months. His wife and one of his kids died and he has all kind of medical problems now. He just doesn't know what to do with his life. It made me realize just how great we have it; knowing the gospel and living in the place we do. That night we stopped by Ndriana again and checked on how he is doing with smoking. 

Saturday we had English class and I shared all the letters from mom's 6th grade class. They all wrote responses on the back and we will be sending them back to America soon. We taught Armando right after English and talked about the Book of Mormon more. Last time we gave him one, and on Saturday he had already read through like 60 pages. Way cool. We got dogged a lot after that but we caught Ndriana again that night. It was also pouring rain and the water in the street was up to my knees so that was fun. 

Sunday we had an area 70 come to our branch. The AP's were taking them around and they looked way stressed out haha. Elder Covey translated for the 70 during sacrament. That would be way nervewracking. It was hard enough when I translated for President Foote that one time. But church went well and Jean Kely came to church! It was way awesome! We went out to work and were able to catch a bunch of times too! We taught Clement and his family again. We also taught some new people with some big potential. Way excited!

Well great week. Hope this coming up one is better. Just gotta keep going strong, it's starting to wind down. Not a lot of time left. Well have a great week everyone!

Elder Coleman

I asked Austin what he has learned about Christlike love......
So Christlike love. Well It's something I've thought about a lot here. A few things that I have come up with are 1 sacrifice. Sacrifice is Christlike love. If you are willing to sacrifice things for others that is a great demonstration of Christlike love. 2 patience and long suffering. Something I've learned a lot about is this. It's just bearing on when things are tough. Like you are being made fun of for being white or being a missionary. Loving them regardless of what they are doing to you. Definitely a hard thing to do. 

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