Monday, February 8, 2016

So Many Splits....

Well it's been an interesting week. Lots of splits. So many. But it was a fun week.

Monday we went in to the office and picked up some stuff and had lunch out there and came back.Then we had a soiree with Ndriana's family and SOlofo's family. It was way fun and it was way good too.

Tuesday we were able to teach quite a bit. We tuaght Flavien and Hanta about FHE and gave them a paper I made that outlines FHE. Then we were able to go teach a bunch of new people. We had a bit of a frustrating lesson with Peter. We taught John Louis... kind of. He wasn't there but these other people were there from Mahamasina and they had just had missionaries come across them at their house. So we taught them and told the Mahamasina Elders about it. We went to teach Edmond that night but Lily wasn't there so we jut shared a little spiritual thought with him and Sr Juliette.

Wednesday we had a split with the Anjanahary Elders and Elder Mack came with me. We had a way fun day. We had an interesting lesson with Stevie though. He is in this weird church that stresses that the right name of Jesus is important and that's really all he believes and was a big jerk about it. He just wanted to argue with us about it. Way lame. Then we met up with the otheres and taught Fara and Rudolf at their house and it was way fun.

Thursday we had  a zone meeting and talked about the missionary broadcast and some things that President Foote would like us as a mission to work on. Just some minor things. I thought it went well. Then we had a split with Ankadidrimamy and Elder Godfrey came with me. It was super fun. We had a full day of tracting and came across some really cool people. Not a lot of interested ones though. We got into this super rich house with a nice pool and I wanted to go swimming way bad. But It was a good split and a good day. 

Friday we went to Ankorondrano and I went with Elder Tiu and Elder Bowen. It was a super fun split and I almost died like 12 times because of cars but it all turned out ok in the end. We were able to have a really good day and taught a lot of people. We met up with everyone else at the Ivandry Mall that night and I had a way good hamburger. 

Saturday we had a pretty decent day. We taught English and that was way fun. I taught them head shoulders knees and toes and made them all do it. Super funny. Then we went out and had a ton of people dog us. Way lame. But we were still able to catch a couple times and it was all good. We taught Ndriana that night and had a good lesson with them about FHE. They used to do it but they stopped so we are getting them back into it. 

Sunday was fast Sunday and it was way fun. I like fasting. We did not catch a lot of times because after church we had to go to another church that doesn't have missionaries and collect some stats for the mission and that took awhile because they lost the papers that we gave them a month ago. We were able to teach Edmond and Lily and have a great lesson with them and then we had a FHE with Flavien and Hanta. And we made some way good food last night too. Some pulled pork tacos. Super good. Nice way to end a fast. 

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