Monday, February 15, 2016

Meetings, Carnivore, and transfers

Well we had a way good week this week! Transfers were this week as well.

Monday we had Fara and Rudolf. I love them so much. They are so cool and so solid. But recently they haven't been coming to church for some reason. We had an FHE with them and it was way fun!

Tuesday we had a great day! We taught a ton of times! We taught Flavien and Hanta first thing and they are super awesome recent converts. Flavien asked when he could come and help us teach. Way cool! We are trying to work something out between our schedule and his work schedule. Then we went to this guy named Armando. He just showed up at church on Sunday so yeah we went and taught him. Pretty cool guy. We taught Peter and Jean Louis. We had some down time after that and so we went by this guy named Clement that we contacted into the other day and taught him and his family. Way cool guy! We taught Edmond and Lily that night about receiving blessings. Way good lesson; love them. 

Wednesday we got dogged a lot. It was kinda lame but yeah. Got dogged way hard. We were able to catch Jean Kely though! Talked about faith with him. We had a meeting that evening with the branch mission leader and the branch presidency but they never showed up and we ended up wasting the end of our evening with that. Kinda lame. But after that we went to this restaurant called Carnivore with the other Elders. It was super expensive but way good! It is all you can eat meat of every kind. I had snake and crocodile while I was there. SUper good! 

Thursday morning we got a text from the AP's that President Foote was meeting with the stake president at 12. SO we hurried and got to the church that they were meeting and talked with Presidetn Foote for awhile while we were waiting. Well the stake president never showed. Classic Malagasy. So the AP's came and then we all went to lunch together. President talked to me about transfers too. He told me that Elder Yeagley and I are staying together and that he doesn't have any plans yet for my last area but I will be going there next transfer. So we got to say goodbye to Elder Herrin and Elder Davis as well because they went home on Saturday. We finally got back out to our area and taught Stevie. That was a disaster. He just bashed us on how wrong we were. Depressing lesson. We went to Tsimangiky after that though and had a good little lesson with them. 

Friday we went back to the church and actually met with the stake president this time. It was a good meeting. President Foote then drove us out to Sabotsy Namehana to do splits with Elder Monson and Elder Smithson. Way fun split too. I went with Elder Smithson and he's a way hard worker. Talked to everyone and obviously has a great love for the people. He's a brand new missionary too. He's great!

Saturday we made it back just in time to teach English. There were so many students! We had to split into three classes! It was nuts! We had a lot of people dog us and so we did a lot of tracting. We also stopped by Fara and Rudolf and did a little spiritual thought with them and invited them to come to church tomorrow. We taught Jean Louis after that and then went to Gina. We Ndriana's family after that and I love them so much. He just needs to get off the cigarettes so they can get baptized. 

Sunday was rough. I woke up with horrible stomach cramps. Hurt way bad. But still went out to work and we were able to teach quite a few lessons. We contacted into a new family and then we also taught this brand new family that we contacted into the other day. Between the two of them we got 11 new investigators! Way awesome! Then we kinda got stuck in the rain for about 45 minutes walking to the bus stop and waiting for a bus to take us to our last lesson. But we made it! Then some very kind person drove us home in a very nice car. We had a great dinner of pot roast and then succeeded in capturing a rat in our house. It was way funny. It was in the bathroom and we all got up on top of things and had brooms to smack it. Elder Thompson had a little plastic tub too to trap it. Well we caught it so it's all good. We haven't figured out how we are going to kill it yet so it is still underneath that little tub.

I asked Austin what he has learned about gratitude since being on his mission.....
So gratitude wise I've definitely learned how to be grateful for the little things. Like carpet. And Cheesecake. And actual cake. Especially being here in Madagascar you really realize just how great we have it in America. And also I've become very grateful for the gospel. It's great to have this knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and to know who I am and who I can become. It's great.

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