Monday, May 23, 2016

Another great week :)

Awesome week for the most part. A couple hiccups but nothing to bad.

Ponderize of the week: And what is it that ye shall hope for? Behold I say unto you that ye shall have hope though the Atonement of Christ and the power of his resurrection, to be raised unto life eternal, and this because of your faith in him according to the promise. Moroni 7:41

Great scripture for why we do the things we do. WE believe what we do because we hope that the Atonement will cleanse us and allow us to dwell with God. We have hope that we will be able to live again through the power of his resurrection. 

Well Monday we played soccer on the beach and that was way fun but super exhausting. We went out that night and taught Sandy and Esperant who are super awesome. Then we went to a soiree in Amparihy's area with a ton of people and it was way fun. I got destroyed by bugs though. My whole arm and both feet were destroyed. 

Tuesday was a great day. We taught a bunch of times and also went to a wedding. We went to Krystal and Nono's wedding which was awesome! Now they can get baptized! We taught Mahala and Alvine about temples and eternal marriage and they loved it! They want to go so bad. They are going to st6art saving up right now so that in a year they can go! And they are conspiring right now to figure out how to get the rest of the family into the church so they can all go to the temple. Way awesome! 

Wednesday was a little interesting. Elder Ulrich got an ingrown toenail and it was hurting him way bad. So we dug it out for him and put him on house arrest for a couple days. So Elder Jensen and I went out and taught 1 time and came back and switched people out so that way all the areas would get worked and not one person had to stay the whole time. I went with Elder Maluleka in their area and had a pretty good day. We came back later that night and Elder Jensen went out and I stayed home with Elder Ulrich. 

Thursday was a good day. We taught Done and got him a baptismal date. He has some problems with drinking and smoking but we got him set to not do it anymore. We had a great lesson with him about baptism and he committed to not go back. We taught Fanja and Naina about the rest of the Plan of Salvation and they loved it. They revealed to us that they had a child that passed away when shes was young and they hope that they will see her again. Well lucky for them, they will. We explained all about it and it was great. We had to go open the church for the landlord to take some pictures of the church. Not really sure why but President Dimby called us and ask us to do it. We taught Lanto and Dorothe that night and did a practice interview with them. They are on date for the 28 but they aren't married yet. There is a little bit of a problem getting the papers they need right now but if they can get married before the 28 they can get baptized! Clara, wants to get baptized whether or not her parents get baptized with her.

Friday I went on a split with Elder Ulrich in his area while Elder Maluleka did baptismal interviews in our area for Francisca and for Mahala and Alvine's family. We had a great day and taught a lot. It was cool to see the other areas here in Fort D. And good news is that they all passed their interviews! We had  a soiree that night at the same family that gave us one on Monday. When we got there, they were watching a church made video called, "Called to Serve" and we walk in right as it shows all the missionaries getting off the plane seeing their families after 2 years. Of course that would be playing right when we go in haha. 

Saturday I had a split with Elder Nelson. He was going to do the baptismal interview for Clara. We had a way good day too. WE had a great lesson on repentance with Done. WE taught Fanja and Naina about faith and repentance. Naina said he was going to come to church too! We taught Rina and Anita about the Sabbath day and they committed to coming to church. We taught a new family that is way cool. We gave them a Book of Mormon. WE went to Lanto and Dorothe and did the interview and she passed! So we are at 6 right now for baptisms on the 28. And if Lanto and Dorothe get married then we will have 9! I'm super stoked! I wasn't feeling super good though after that lesson and so when we went home I just went straight to bed. 

Sunday was good. We had quite a few investigators there but a lot that were supposed to come didn't come. I was really disappointed that Naina didn't come. President Dimby pulled us aside after church and asked what we can do about the priesthood in the branch. We have a lot on record but hardly any come to church. So we are trying to figure out something to help with that. And this whole time I was feeling awful so we got home from church and I tried to sleep it off but it wasn't happening. So Elder Jensen and Elder Koplin went on a split and hit both areas and I stayed home and slept all day. And then I slept all night last night too. I slept for like 16 or 17 hours straight. And I haven't eaten anything since Saturday lunch. But I'm feeling better now. 

This week we have a bunch of baptisms! And I'm way excited for that. This week should be great! I'll take lots of pictures.

Elder Coleman

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