Monday, May 30, 2016

Baptisms :)

So great week! Had some baptisms. Life is great. 

Ponderize of the week: But that ye have patience, and bear with those afflictions, with a firm hope that ye shall one day rest from all your afflictions. Alma 34:41

Monday was great. We just kinda chilled at home; didn't do much. That night we taught Sandy and Esperant and had a good lesson with them. We went to President Danielsons after that and had a great dinner. I love their food a lot. 

Tuesday we had a great day. We taught Mahala and Elvine and got them all ready for their baptism on Saturday. They were taking care of all their paperwork for their marriage. We taught them about the priesthood and told Mahala that he is going to be getting that really soon. He seemed pretty excited for it. We taught Francisca and get her all excited for her baptism as well. We taught her about the temple because she really wants to go. We taught A less active about his baptismal covenant and he came to church on Sunday! Way cool! We got a referral from Sr Justine, the sister leaving on a mission today, and he was kinda weird. He was hardcore Adventist and was trying to catch us in stuff. Kind of annoying. I'm done with that. We taught Anjara and Marciel about the temple and it was a good lesson. And we taught Odilon and Korinah about what a testimony really is and it went pretty well. 

Wednesday we taught Sandy and Esperant about baptism. They had some questions about the baptism of the Holy Ghost so we explained that and had a great lesson with them. We invited them to be baptized but they still need to think about it is what they said. Then we went and taught Harris, a less active recent convert. He's a cool kid but just isn't coming to church anymore for some reason. It really makes me sad when people stop coming to church. We taught Mamod and patricia. He's the cop. They've been having a lot of problems in their life recently and were really happy to see us. We shared a little message with them and it went great. It's a good thing the gospel of Jesus Christ solves everything. WE taught Egson and Ordance about the Book of Mormon and went over and questions that they had. It went great and the dad really wants to come to church to see what we are all about. We had a talk with Germaine and Augustine. They still aren't married and aren't making a huge effort to do it but they really want to be baptized. Germaine is really against the whole getting married before getting baptized thing. I'm not sure why it's a big deal but we are working with them. 

Thursday we had a pretty good day. We taught Done about the Plan of Salvation and then taught CHristian and Nicolan some less active young adults. They are way cool I just wish they would come to church. Then we went to Mahala and Elvine's wedding! It was great! Then we taught Fanja and Naina and had a great lesson with them. Their 18 year old daughter was back from school in Tana and was way into the teachings it was awesome. They are doing way good. 

Friday we taught everybody one last time before their baptism. We taught Francisca and mahala and Elvine about enduring to the end and made sure they knew that they were following Jesus Christ, not the church, not the missionaries, not President Dimby, but Jesus Christ. It went way well. We then contacted a referral that Honore had for us. It is a way nice family that is actually the sister of Christina, a recent convert. She really wants her husband to quit drinking and she wants it to be peaceful in their home. Very cool people. We taught Njaka again and it actually went a lot better with him. He seems very sincere this time that he was searching for the truth. We taught Anjara and Marciel about the priesthood and it went way well. Then we had a soiree over by the house. 

Saturday was English. WE had a meeting with President Dimby and it went way well. He wants us to help them out with reactivation. We then went and taught a less active YSA that could go on a mission. Way cool kid, kinda quiet. Albertien is his name. Then we taught Emma and then went straight to the baptism. The baptism went great!  There was a great turnout and everything went smooth. The testimonies went great and it was an awesome time. Elder Nelson wasn't feeling good so he went home and Elder Koplin and I went out after the baptism. We taught Voavison in my area first and then went to his area to teach a time. Then I met back up with Elder Jensen and taught another time in our area to a new family. They are cool and are kinda nervous about the Book of Mormon. I'm glad they are, that way they are teachable and we can help them.

Sunday went great. We had a bunch of people. It was mother's day here in Madagascar so there was some bread that was given out to the mothers. There was some extra so they gave them to us haha. Way good though. I got to help with 3 of the confirmations too. Even though we had 6 less investigators at church we still had 15! It was awesome. We had a great day too. We taught Ruffin and got him all set for his baptism on the 11. We got dogged a lot so we ended up doing a lot of tracting. We found some cool people and some interesting people but I'm excited for them. We had an awesome lesson last night though with a new family. Helisoa and Lalaina are the names of the parents and they have 7 kids. Perfect Mormon family right? Well they all came in and took part in the lesson and we had a great lesson with them about the Restoration. The Spirit was way strong and it was awesome. I'm way excited for them! They are great. And then we had another talk with Germaine and Augustine about baptism. Augustine didn't come to church and he only came for the sacrament. We are working with them. 

Well it was a great week. We should have a couple more weddings coming up and some more baptisms coming up here in the next 2 weeks. I'm super excited. I love this work!

Elder Coleman

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