Monday, April 20, 2015

A Pretty Good Week....

This week wasn't bad. We were pretty busy preparing some people for baptism and finishing the MLS list for the church here. 

Monday after emailing we didn't really do much. Elder Nohaingoinaina came with us and we just went back to the house and chilled. Nothing too exciting. I picked up one painting I did and it turned out way good! I was impressed! I'm going to make quite a few more now. We taught Robin's family that night. It was the only lesson we ended up having because our soiree keeps getting cancelled. But it was a good lesson with them. The parents aren't coming to church as well as his older brother but his sisters are coming pretty often now. 

Tuesday started out pretty bad. All our times fell through. We taught Landy though and prepared her for her baptismal interview on Saturday. We taught her for quite awhile but she seems like she is pretty ready. We taught a couple of less actives after that. We went to Setra's house and right when we got there they were watching TV and a music video for the song, "All of Me" came on. The one with Lindsey Stirling in it. Yeah the members were super surprised when I was like "Hey, she's a member" It was kinda cool. 

Wednesday was horrible work wise. Our times before English Class fell through. English class was good though. I'm having them talk a lot more and telling stories. We actually read from the Bible this last Wednesday. It was their idea and it was super hard trying to explain some of the Bible words that they didn't know. But they are doing good on pronunciation. We had a meeting with our branch president after to go over the MLS list with him that pretty much ruined the rest of our day. He was half an hour late and forgot his glasses so he couldn't even read the list. It was a huge waste of time. SO we just went and prepared Pascal, Joe, and Natalie for baptism. Pascal is super ready but the other two struggle a little bit. 

Thursday was just entirely preparing people. We taught Landy and got a new family to teach out of it so that was awesome! We reviewed everything with her and did another baptismal interview with her to make sure she is 100% ready. Then we went back to Pascal and reviewed with them. We decided to push back the other 2 to get baptized with their parents after they get married. Pascal is good to go though. He's way good. He just mixes up the first vision and Moroni appearing to Joseph Smith sometimes. Just the order but he knows it all. We got him all straightened out so yeah. 

Friday was a good day though. We taught a bunch of lessons and those investigators are doing really well. We worked with a couple less actives on Friday and one family is starting to come back to church. So happy for them. That is basically the biggest problem here is getting people to come to church. 

Saturday was the big day for the bap interviews. We had a basketball activity that morning though with the district. We had a way good turnout and had a couple investigators come so it was good. Then we had a split for the bap interview and I went with Elder Morse in his area while Elder Razakamandimby and Elder Christie did the interview in our area. We had a pretty good day though. We taught a super weird lesson though to this lady that is way rich. She is good at English and French and doesn't have a Malagasy bible in her house, only an English King's James Version. SO that was kind of weird to teach with that. I just quoted scriptures in Malagasy because I don't remember them in English haha. But she had an Xbox. A freaking Xbox. I have never seen an Xbox in this country. If they play games, it is always a Playstation. Super weird. We taught a less active family that is just starting to come back to church too. Actually the first Sunday they came back was the Sunday that I gave a talk so they recognized me immediately. They are way cool and will hopefully come back. We met back up at this pretty nice restaurant by our house. Super good food. Not quite American though. Pascal passed his interview but Landy called Razaka and told him that she couldn't do the interview that day so she's going to have to wait for another time.

Sunday was good. We had a bunch of people come to church. Weird thing though is that we did not have a pianist... so we sang all the hymns accapela. It was way weird. We had a good day of work though. We do a split every Sunday because we have so many investigators that want to learn on Sunday. I wanted to finish this MLS list so I went to the old branch president's house to ask for his help. Well we sat down and he knew every single name on the list so all the stress was gone and we finished it. It was super nice. We have some way good investigators too that are progressing very nicely. We finished the day by teaching TIna and Naina again and talking about the story of Joseph Smith but in depth. Like from the first vision through his death. It was a cool lesson and the first time I've taught it in Malagasy so that was fun. 

So all in all it was a good week. This next week is probably the last one I will spend with Razaka. We have transfers next week and I am pretty sure I will be getting a new companion. We might be spending this week saying goodbye to a lot of people for him. Also, I was way sick last night. I felt way bad yesterday but it got worse last night. I hardly slept at all because I just felt like I was going to throw up all night. And it was super hot or super cold. Yeah so I am super tired right now. But I think that's it for this week.

Pictures of their house

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