Monday, April 13, 2015

Can't believe it's Monday again!

I can't believe that it's Monday already. Time just flies here it's ridiculous. We had a pretty good week. We have tons of way solid investigators right now. 

So last Monday we had a soiree with Evantiana's family; my favorite family in the branch. Elder Nohaingoinaina came with us for some reason but he's way cool. He's the new zone leader with Elder Fox. He was serving in England but there were some visa troubles so he is finishing his mission here in Madagascar. He's super good at English (obviously) and sometimes when he speaks, he has an English accent. It was a way fun soiree and we watched the hour long Joseph Smith movie with them. They didn't understand it but they wanted to watch it. We went to a big field later and played some football with the other missionaries. We had another soiree with President Mampionona, the district president, and it was way fun. The Malagasies there had a crazy dance party and we ate outside by a campfire under the stars. Super nice.

Tuesday, we had a soiree with Maxime and Noelisoa, the recent converts that we baptized right when I got here. We had the best chicken I have had since I got to Madaascar. He raises chickens and the grow super fast and get way big and taste super good! We taught Landy today and it was super henjana as usual. Patience is something that I really need to work on obviously. But we are both slowly improving so it's getting better. 

Wednesday we taught a lot of lessons. We had English class too which is a lot of fun as always. I made them tell me stories and one kid, Tahiry, told an awesome story. He's a member and he told me about the time when he went to the temple with his parents. He described as being, "a magical experience". He talked about seeing the temple for the first time and to be able to walk around the grounds. He also said that he was super grateful to come back and eat rice again. Little bit of face palm on the story there but hey, that's Malagasies for ya. We taught Rasoa and Blondine about the Plan of Salvation and about baptism and the had lots of good questions about it. The sound like they really want to like be baptized but need the motivation to do what we ask them to first which is a little frustrating. 

Thursday was an awesome day. It started out not super good but it was fine. We went all the way out to Tsiry and the people outside lied to us and told us that he wasn't home. But we went back and taught Landy and they accepted baptism! Rina, one of the girls that learns with Landy, wants to but she wants to talk about it to her parents first. She's 18 so she could just do it if she wants but it's good that she wants to talk to her parents first. 

Friday was a lot of teaching less actives. We did teach one guy though, Fidy. He works at the Royal Palace, a big hotel right next to the church. So he already knows where the church is which is perfect. We had a good lesson with him. When we got there, he was watching Ratatouille and our member help was just super distracted and just watched that the whole time. That's the problem sometimes. When you ask them to turn it off they just turn the volume all the way down. It wasn't a big problem this time because the TV was out of the way and wasn't really a distraction for the lesson but Robin was turned completely around just watching it the whole time. Then, when we finished that lesson, we went to a less active's house and they were on the same channel watching Ratatouille. That was ok though cause it ended right when we got there so Robin didn't watch. 

Saturday was a good day. We taught this super less active member that moved into our area from a different branch. She gave the lamest excuse ever for not going to church anymore. She said that the Protestant church is closer so she goes there. Yeah, lame. We taught Liva after her about the Book of Mormon. He is super smart and already understands everything. Last time we taught him, we talked about it a little; about the story line and the stuff about how it's like the bible and all that. We asked him what he remembered this day and he told us the whole story. And when I gave him the book, he grabbed it and hugged it and thanked us. He said that it was the best gift he has ever received. Way cool experience. We taught Voahangy and Mampionona after. Mampionona is the girl with the bad leg that walks 2 hours to church every Sunday. She is super smart and understands it all super well. She loves church too. After that we got soaked in the rain so that was fun.

Sunday was a good day too. We had tons of people come to church. There was a girl that had an epileptic seizure right at the start of the sacrament hymn so that was scary. She has them all the time though so people knew what to do. We got a new job from the AP's too. We have to fix the MLS here because it is so messed up. So I took over branch council that day and had everyone there look over all 12 pages of names of people in the branch and mark the ones they new. I never realized how important the clerk is and how important MLS is in the church until now. We split after branch council and I went and taught a bunch of people. I taught Raholy and Hery and gave them a Book of Mormon. The said they are going to come to church on Sunday. I taught Mamy also and gave them a Book of Mormon and also watched the Restoration video. They loved it. Then the big lesson of the night was Tina and Naina. We taught them about the Word of Wisdom and they have absolutely no problem with it. That's super weird for Madagascar. But yeah they used to do it all but they just kinda stopped on their own before we taught them. Actually, part of the reason they want to be baptized is because after they met with the missionaries the first time, Naina and Pascal stopped drinking alcohol. They just didn't want to anymore. We had a little soiree with them too and had super good tsara maso and sausage. We brought some brownies for them too which they love. Missionaries here are notorious for brownies among members and investigators.

Well yeah that's all I guess for this week. Tina and Naina are still waiting for their copies so they will be waiting a little while to get baptized but Pascal, Joe, and the girl whose name I cannot remember for the life of me are getting baptized on the 25th of this month. Their interviews are this Saturday. They are super ready. I'm way excited for them. 

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