Monday, April 27, 2015

One of the craziest weeks of my mission

Crazy week. Like super nuts. I'm not sure how I feel about this all but we'll see how it goes.

So first thing is last Monday. Elder Delbar and Snell came up from Ambositra. I just went around with Delbar all day and picked up paintings and stuff from the painter then went to Tsena Sabotsy. Then there was a little bit of confusion getting back with the right companions so Elder Razaka ended up going with Elder Thompson and Liao and Elder Delbar and Snell came with me into my area. It was way fun though. We taught Robin's family and had a good lesson with them.

Tuesday was a pretty good day of work. We taught a bunch of less actives and a recent convert family. It was a good day but nothing really too excited to share about, I apologize.

Wednesday I went on a split with Elder Fox in his area. I was one of the last people he went on a split with since he is going home this week. I will sure miss him. He is such a good missionary and I really looked up to him. But yeah we had a way fun day of teaching and walking around beautiful Antsirabe.

Thursday we had our last zone meeting with Elder Fox and Elder Christiansen. It was very good and was all about how countless times before we actually serve our missions, we promise God that we will. We promised him in the pre-existence, at baptism, receiving the priesthood, going to the temple, receiving our call letter and sending our response back; all of those times we promised to serve a mission and our integrity is at stake if we don't fulfill the nature of our call. Way powerful lesson. We had a good day work wise too. We taught a bunch of investigators and even found a new family that has potential. Their daughter has polio and that's sad but she's very cool. She is way nice.

Friday was an ok day. We didn't get a lot of lessons in but I felt like they were quality lessons. We taught a couple less actives and 1 investigator. It was good but not too exciting.

Saturday was conference and it was super good. Conference as a missionary is a much different experience. The Saturday session was super good. All about marriage though. I'm sure what kind of message they were trying to send but yeah get married and that's that I guess. And we had a baptism. Pascal got baptized and it was super awesome. We got to take him all the way through the lesson and it was a way cool experience. he was super ready. He was practically begging us to baptize him. Then we had the Priesthood session and that was good. It was cool to have someone give their talk in Portuguese. We went and taught TIna and Naina after conference. All they need is their copies so they can get married and then they will get baptized too.

Sunday conference was super good as well. We had tons of investigators come which was way good. The only thing I can say about that conference is: Holy Cow Elder Holland's talk was amazing. I was taking notes and the only thing I wrote for that one was: Wow... just read the talk. It was incredible. We got out to work a little later than usual because of conference but had a good day.I taught one family that is doing really well. I could tell that they still hadn't prayed about Joseph Smith and we talked about baptism that day. I basically blew his mind when I told him that if Joseph Smith was a true prophet, then he needs to be baptized in our church through the proper authority and that his baptism wasn't done. He kind of had his eyes opened a little and I think he is really going to pray about it now. Well we'll fast forward to last night for transfer news. So I am staying here, the other Ambohimena is closing and I will have to take that over. I am the new district leader and I am training... And he's the only one coming in so I already know who he is. He's from New Zealand so it'll way fun. I'm super nervous and excited. but yeah crazy.

So yeah that's it for this week. I go up to Tana on Wednesday to pick him up and learn about training. But a bonus is that I am going on splits with the Betongolo Elders so I'm going back to my first area for a day! It'll be way fun! Oh and Elder Pinson is going to Fort Dauphin. It's basically the most coveted area in the mission and I'm super excited for him.
Well that's all folks! Elder Coleman

Watching General Conference

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