Monday, December 7, 2015

TANA!! (Sorry it's a week late)

So first off, I apologize for not writing last week. I haven't been here in awhile and so like planning kinda failed hard. But it's all good now. I got it down. I am writing a letter right now that I will send to tell everything that happened last week.

Ponderize Scripture: Mosiah 2:36 

But Monday night we went to a less active family and taught them. The dad is way cool. He served a mission in SOuth Africa and is still pretty good at English. But we had a good lesson with him and he came to church yesterday with his two adorable little daughters. 

Tuesday we had a full program in Tanjombato but it kinda fell apart hard core. We were able to get a few times and get to some less active members. Oh that's one thing about that area. There are 400+ people on record but only about 140 come to church every week. So big problem. And also Elder Mack didn't have a companion in his area and since Tanjombato was closing anyway we got permission to go on a split with him for two days. SO we took a taxi to their house that night.

Wednesday I was on a split with Elder Mack and it was super fun! I love Elder Mack. We had a really good day. His trainee had some issues with some papers so he was late coming over. That's why he didn't have a companion. But yeah we had a great day and he is doing great. 

Thursday we had zone meeting. So being in Tanjombato, that's the south zone. But Elder Mack's area is in the north zone which is the zone that I will be zone leader. So that was kinda weird but it was good. It was a good meeting. There were 22 missionaries there and I only knew 5 of them. I don't know anyone here haha. I've been out of tana for a long time. We had another great day of work with Elder Mack and I loved it.

Friday Elder Te'e and I went back to Tanjombato and had kind of a rough day finding people to teach. We ended up catching quiet a few people though so it was fine. We had a soiree that night with an investigator family which I think may have cause me some grief because...

Saturday I woke up at 1 in the morning with horrible stomach pain and I was basically in the bathroom all night and didn't sleep. So we stayed home and I tried to sleep it off. At 5 Elder Te'e had his exit interview with president and I felt good enough by then so was all good. I just hung out at the office for a couple hours with Elder Mack and Elder Snell.

Sunday the pain was still there and I barely made it to church and through church but I did. We were able to teach quite and bit and we actually had quite a few investigators at church. I was able to work all day so that was good. And we had a soiree too that night that was super good. I felt a lot better at this point and since I hadn't eaten anything since Friday up to this point I decided that I would try but not overdo it. Well it was a horrible idea

This morning I woke up at like 3 with the worst stomach pain I have ever felt in my life. Not only that but probably the worst pain I have ever felt. I have never like shook because something hurt so bad. Yeah it was awful. But I got some medicine from Sister Rossiter this morning so it's good. But I'm a zone leader officially now! I am with Elder Yeagley and I am going on splits tomorrow actually with Elder Reynolds! I'm super excited! 

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