Monday, January 11, 2016

I am 20... weird

So interesting week. Didn't get to work a lot so that was lame. But I'm 20 now! Way old...

So Monday we went into the office and had Sister Rossiter look at my toes. Yeah they were jacked up. So surgery it was so that was lame. And I also got to give a blessing to friend of Elder Connault's. That was really cool and kind of  a weird experience. I got asked to do it over email and then called her while she was in Tana and she met us at the office. Still really cool though. We went to a FHE with Fara and Rudolf that night with Fr Solofo. It went really well and they are just a super solid family. 

Tuesday we taught Flavien and Hanta first thing. They are awesome recent converts and honestly probably don't even need us to go to them anymore. They are just super solid and converted to the gospel. We went out all the way to Andry's house and found out that he couldn't learn so that was a little frustrating. But we had a couple other times after that that were way good. We taught this new family, Haja and Nantenaina. They are awesome. I love them so much. They are way solid. We had a great lesson with them about the Book of Mormon and then we went and taught Edmond about faith. Edmond is way cool too and I really hope they progress. 

Wednesday we went out and were able to teach only 1 time. We taught Andry from the day before but every other time dogged us and tracting just did not go at all. We had a meeting that night with the branch president and the branch mission leader and discussed our investigators. Then we went to this guy close to our house, we had called him that morning and confirmed the appointment but he wasn't there. So that was kind of a bummer end to the day.

Thursday I was supposed to have surgery on my foot but Sister Rossiter called in the morning and told us that the doctor could not do it today; that something came up. So we went out and tried to salvage our program. We were able to teach a couple people but for the most part, we got dogged. We had a time with the guy from yesterday again but he wasn't home again. But THursday night the AP's picked us up and took us to their house and we stayed there that night because I had my foot thing the next morning and their house is a lot closer to the clinic. 

Friday Morning we left first thing and went to the clinic. It took us a little while to find it but we did eventually. It was an Adventist clinic and it was really nice. The doctor was a guy from Argentina who actually had a practice in the States for a little while. But I also heard that it hurts way bad to have ingrown toenails removed from this guy. I was not the first missionary to go to this guy. So I was  a little nervous about it. But it went well. It didnt' hurt that bad and it was over and done in a few minutes. But now I have no toenails on either of my big toes. So we took a taxi home after that and chilled at home all day. No working. 

Saturday we had a great program with great people. So I decided that we needed to go to them. Well I decided to try English class first and see how it went. Well I felt good about it, my shoes were a little pressy but nothing too bad just a little uncomfortable and so I decided that I would go out today and teach a little. And by a little I meant our whole program. Well a bunch of our times fell through so that was lame. And while we were going Sister ROssiter called and wanted to change the wrappings. Well she was a little mad at me but that's ok. And it hurt worse to change the bandages to be honest.

Sunday we went to church. Sister Rossiter said I could go to church if I wore sandals. I didn't have any so I wore some flipflops. I got a lot of weird comments haha. Norbert brought a bunch of family to church today and some of them I met in Fianarantsoa. I don't know if you remember the Malagasy wedding that I went to down there? Well those people were at church yesterday and they remembered me which was kinda cool. After church Norbert took us to his house and fed us. It took a super long time but I couldn't work anyway. We just went home and watched more movies. Elder Hardy came back and stayed with me and Elder Yeagely and Elder Thompson went out and taught a couple people on our program so that was good. And then we ate our roast and I made my Birthday cake. It was super good. 

Well hopefully this week will go better now that I can work. So it should go well. But I have to go home if it rains so I'll be praying that it doesn't rain this week.

Oh and I got egged and floured for my birthday. Malagasy tradition

The greatest blessing form 2015 is the change I have seen. I have been able to see better who I am. And my goal for 2016 is simple: lift the knees and pump the arms. It's the homestretch. Everything that I have left.

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