Monday, January 4, 2016

Can't Believe It's 2016!

Crazy that another week has already gone by and that it's already 2016! It's going so fast! But this week was great! One of the best on my mission. 

So Monday we played soccer and beat the Tana 1st Ward. It was great. And then we just kinda went with the APs around Tana and did some stuff. Nothing too exciting. We went to Fara and Rudolf that night and had an awesome lesson with them. They are great and are so awesome. I love them a lot. 

Tuesday we had a split with the APs. They both came with us and we did an actual split. Elder Covey and I went together and it was way fun. It was cool to be with someone from my group and just to see how far we've come as missionaries. We did a lot of contacting and came across some pretty cool people. We knocked on the door of the director of Shoprite here in Madagascar. He's from South Africa. He wasn't home but I assume he is white because all his kids were. And they all spoke English so it was kinda weird. We taught some cool people too. We taught this one guy, Stevie Jefferson. He is Malagasy but has a weird American name? Not sure why. But he belongs to this weird church and wasn't sure about us opening the time with a prayer so that was kinda weird. We all met back up later and taught Edmond and Lily and had a great lesson with them about the Plan of Salvation. 

Wednesday we had an ok day. We had a lot of people dog us. We were able to go to a contact's house and teach them and they seem pretty cool. And then we taught Tolotra and Prisca. THey are absolutely awesome. I love them so much. They are just so humble and willing to learn. They struggle a little bit to do so but they are awesome. We had a meeting with our DMB after that and then went to this other contact named TIna. He's a way awesome guy that I think will do well. He has great potential.

Thursday I screwed up big time. As we were leaving the house that morning I felt like I should take a 1st pamphlet in English and we could stop by the Shoprite guy and give it to him. SO this is the first time I have ever carried anything in English with me out to work. Well as we were going out to our first lesson which is out in the middle of nowhere, we come across this white guy riding a bike. He stops and starts talking to us and we figure out that he is American, is from Washington and works in the American Embassy. Well we were talking to him for quite awhile and then we parted ways. After he left I realized that I had the pamphlet in English and I should have given it to him. I felt way bad about it. Hopefully we can see him again. But we taught Andry after that and gave him a baptismal date. He is getting way excited about the lessons now that he has a Book of Mormon. We did tracting after that for most of the day and then taught Tsimangiky. We just shared a little spiritual thought with them because they are pretty solid. Then we went to Norbert's house and he fed us and took us most of the way home in his car. It's so nice when a member has a car. 

New years day we got up bright and early and went all the way out to Ankadidrimamy to do a split with them and with the Ambohimangakely Elders. Well the Ambohimangakely Elders didn't really work out so the both of us just went with Elder Godfrey and Elder Bingham. They are awesome and I had a great time with them on the split. We tracted from 12 to 7. Long day. But we had a time to end the day and they are a super awesome family. But it was way fun. 

Saturday we taught a bunch. We taught Bruno and Lova and they committed to a baptismal date. They love the teachings and were pretty excited to get a baptismal date too. We taught Tanjona and Tafita and that was one of the coolest lessons that I have ever been in. He read the whole 1st pamphlet before we got there and he had some questions about Joseph Smith and came off pretty hostile right off the bat. He saw some things on the internet I guess about him. But as we were talking and teaching, everything just changed and you could just see his mind opening and thinking,"Wait a minute, it could be true" It was way cool. He committed to pray about it. We taught a couple other lessons after that and had just a way good day. 

Sunday we had a great day. Church went great. Not as many people came because it was New Years. We taught a ton of people though. We taught Tolotra and Prisca again and they are awesome. We taught a bunch of contacts and got a ton of new investigators that day, all families. We had some just awesome lessons and things are just going super great here. We are really being blessed with some really awesome families right now. Oh little side note, we made a roast yesterday and it was so good! I haven't had one of those in so long!

So today we are going to the office and might play some basketball and then go to Analakely and buy some stuff. I'm also going to have Sister Rossiter look at my foot. Kind of have a nasty ingrown toenail that is going to need to be removed. Not sure how that's going to go in Madagascar. I've only heard stories.

Well have a great week everyone! I'll email you again when I'm 20

Here are a couple of questions I asked Austin and his responses..........

Question of the week from last week…….What are your thought on worldly possessions?  How has this changed since you’ve been in Mada?

And question of the week…..How has being in Madagascar changed your outlook on life? Or how has it changed how you look at your future?

I feel like people in America especially put a lot of pride on worldly possessions. It shows how weathly someone is. It's so easy to tell who has money here just by what they have. I feel like people put too much emphasis on it back home to be honest. It really doesn't matter though. People here can be just as happy without everything that we have. 

It kinda relates to the first question. I feel like I will be able to live on a lot less and will be more appreciative of the things that I do have. Like Carpet. And traffic rules. Streetlights are way nice too.

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