Monday, January 25, 2016

World Wide Broadcast, Soccer and MLC

Well what a crazy week this week. Seriously hardly worked at all in our area this week but we still saw some success and it was awesome.

Ponderize: 1 Nefia 19:9

So Monday we went to a soiree with the other Ambohimanarina Elders. It was fun and the food was way good. We played a game where we absolutely blew their minds. We told them we were doing magic haha. It was super fun to get to know the members. 

Tuesday we were able to teach quite a bit. That morning, the AP's called us and asked if the Reunion Zone Leaders could go with us on a split. They had flown in for the MLC and needed a place to stay while they were here. So we taught a few people and then they came with us. We taught Flavien and Hanta about forgiveness and we used the parable of the Harsh Servant and the Debt. Way good story. One of my favorites. We walked all the way out to Andry's house but he wasn't there so kinda lame. Big waste of time. We taught Jean Louis and his family and they are really starting to change since they got a baptismal date. Before they were saying they could probably not come to church but they started talking about how they could work it out so that was cool. About that time, the AP's call us again and say the are in the area so we met up with them and took the Reunion zone leaders with us. It was way fun. We gave a good taste of what Madagascar is like. We took them on a bus and taught a lesson with Edmond and Lily with them. It went way good too. 

Wednesday we took them out to eat at a hotely for lunch. They got rice, it was awesome. We went out and split and did some contacting for a little bit while we had the chance. I took one of them and we tracted into a Jehovah's Witness. Way frustrating. But then we met up with the others and taught Jean Kely. After that we went to the office for the MLC and the Missionary Broadcast. Let me just say that I love President Foote and being around him. He is just so inspirational. Just being around him makes me want to be a better person. We talked about some things that we could do better as a mission and then watched the broadcast at 8. It was way late for us. But the broadcast was way good! There were so many helpful things from the Brethren that I saw that I could work on in my personal proselyting. One thing that I really liked that they talked about was always having the name of Jesus Christ on my lips. If I don't think of anything else to say, talk about Him. And they also showed a really cool video of a family that prayed for missionary opportunities, the parents and the kids, and all were able to find one and help them learn with the missionaries. Really cool. We stayed at the AP's house that night.

Thursday we got up and went to the office for our zone activity which was soccer. We went and played soccer on this super nice field, turf. Way fun. We had a little issue with the people that worked there but we ended up getting it all worked out and got to play. We did senior companions vs junior companions. Well my team lost and it was kinda sad. But everyone had a good time and I think it was a success. After that we met at President Foote's house again and discussed the broadcast and the mission since we did not have time the day before. It was an awesome Spirit Filled meeting. President Foote started telling these stories that were just so inspirational. I really wish I could be around him more. 

Friday we watch the broadcast again with the zones in Tana because they hadn't seen it yet. It was a little bit of an issue getting it to work but it worked out. Then I went on a split in Invandry with Elder Hammer and Elder Andrianaivo. It was a cool split and I learned from it. I also did some baptismal interviews for a couple of investigators. The first one was a way cool guy. He plays rugby and he was super ready for baptism. The second one wasn't so much. She knew a lot but she still had a little bit of learning to do. 

Saturday we had a pretty good day. We taught Bruno and Lova first thing and had a great lesson with them about prayer and the Book of Mormon. We invited them to church and they came yesterday for the first time! it was awesome! We got dogged a couple times but were able to catch Rija and Tina. We talked a bit more about baptism with them and were able to clear up some things but we believe that Tina is kinda scared. I think she knows what we are saying is true but it scares her because it means she has to change. I hope she will be ok. We taught Gina after that and talked about following Christ's example. Then we had Ndriana and talked about blessings and how we get them through following the commandments. 

Sunday we had a great day. Church went super well. We had 11 investigators come to church and the other elders had 10. We had a total of 21 investigators at church yesterday! Super cool! There were a ton of people at church yesterday too. 187. Way more than I've ever seen here. Bruno and Lova came which was super awesome. We taught a referral that some recent converts gave us right after the block and then ate some lunch. We went out and had a few people dog us but we were still able to teach. We had a sad lesson with Tanjona and Tafita. THey told us that even if they come to find out that what we are teaching is true they won't be baptized because his grandpa is a pastor in a church. We taught Edmond that night and were able to clear up some things and find some new things out about their situation and will now be able to better help them progress towards baptism. 

Well hopefully this week will go better workwise. We will probably be doing a lot of tracting and finding. Well have a great week everyone! 

I asked Austin when he felt the spirit the most this week... This is his reply.....
I felt the spirit most being with President Foote this week. He just edifies you when you are around him. I don't know it's hard to describe. But I want to be like him

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