Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fahendrena (Wisdom)

OK first, yes mom i did hear about the South Africa TV/Radio thing. Some guys came into our class the other day and talked to our teachers about so we might be on it but I don't know. Good to hear that Grandma and Grandpa made it back ok. I'm sure their trip waqs awesome! I still kinda wish i could've gone! 
SO about my companion, he is not a convert, his dad is the bishop in his ward and he is from Ermo? ( not sure if that's how it's spelled) South Carolina. He had two older brothers who served missions, one in Ogden and one in Idaho. I did get all your packages and they were awesome! The elders say thanks for the cookies. I dished them out yesterday and everybody loved them. The food is starting to get to me I think. like i said, Jeremiah 4:19... the struggle is real. So far I don't think there's anything else i need. I pretty well off so far. I saw the movie at the temple last week with the saratov approach guy in it. so that was neat. We didn't get to go this morning though because of Pioneer day so that's a bummer. how was your float today by the way? It's weird being at the MTC over a holiday that i'm used to being at, if that makes sense. 
Our lessons are going pretty good. We are doing way better with teaching with the spirit and it helps immensely. especially with the language. It's a good thing I have Elder Pinson too, because during our lesson on the Word of Wisdom i could not remember the word for wisdom worth my life! It's Fahendrena by the way haha. One lesson this week stood out particularly to me. We were teaching Rakoto (our teacher's alter ego) and we were just sharing our favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon. The whole time I've been here though I've been struggling with why I'm speaking Malagasy. I felt frustrated and that I could do a way better job with Englilsh. I had been praying for help to understand. Anyway, During this lesson, I shared my scripture, Alma 7:11-13 and tried my best to explain why it was important to me. I attempted to share the story of Uncle Wade with him and I could kind of do it but not really. Anyway, the Spirit was really strong and stuff and I finished and Elder Pinson started to do his and I just knew. It was like a voice spoke it into my head that this is where I was supposed to be and I was supposed to preach the gospel in Malagasy. I knew it without a doubt. After that lesson, the teachers let us teach in English and after that, they told us that they think we are way better teachers in Malagasy than in English. It's not that we suck or anything it's just that the spirit testifies of truth so strongly through our broken Malagasy, way better than what we could do in English.
Hadin left Tuesday morning, Putter left Wednesday and, Brooks Rigtrup came in yesterday! I didn't even know he was coming in! It was awesome to see him! I may be able to host next week. We think we can sign up so I'm trying to get our district leader to sign us up. The Spanish speajking missionaries go to the west campus but i think they report to this campus so I could get Hayden but it'll be hard. If not, I'll see him at devotionals and stuff. Fun story of the week, Elder Pinson and I got locked out of our room the other day. And I didn't have shoes or my nametag so that was fun.
Talk to you guys next week! Veloma fianakaviako! Tiako ianareo! (Goodbye Family. I love y'all)
Elder Coleman
P.S. Did you get my letter? I sent one on Monday and i don't know if you've gotten it or not.
Oh and I totally scored in MTC soccer the other day. I should just quit this mission stuff and go pro! Oh and I need to know like today what medication I was allergic to. No pressure or anything

Provo Temple and my distict L to R Front: Elder Pinson, Me, Elder Covey, Elder Koplin, Elder Reich, Elder Hammer. Back: Elder Morse, Elder Delbar, Elder Ahlstrom, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Johnson, Elder Schroedter, and Elder Tavo. Fun fact, Elder Tavo is from Vanuatu some islands in the South Pacific. He was supposed to come in with the last group. I don't know what happened there though. He's 21.

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