Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Boy was this a tough thing to do!  The night before we took Austin to the MTC we drove to downtown and tried to go to the Salt Lake temple, but it wasn't open!  So we walked through temple square and then over to Cheesecake Factory (that is where Austin really wanted to eat)! Then we drove back down to where we were staying and went to look at the American Fork temple.  The next morning we got up and drove around for a while.  We took a drive up the canyon to kill time and went to see Bridal Veil Falls.  We had lunch then went to the Provo Temple for some pictures.  Then at 12:45 we drove over for the drop off and that's pretty much what it is, unload luggage, quick hugs, and he was off!! Never looked back.  I hope it goes as fast as everyone says!!!!

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