Monday, March 9, 2015

Another week in the best mission in the world...

So last P-day, I got a haircut. And yes they screwed it up as always. So my hair is super short right now but it is not as bad as last time when I was with Elder Rice. And the Tsena was out of guinea pig so we bought foza orana instead. Basically they are crawdads. Not a huge fan. They eat them with the shells on so not very good. 

Tuesday we went to the bike place to see if they had the part that we need but they still don`t have it. We had some good lessons today. We taught one investigator, Manalana, about prophets and apostasy and you could definitely tell the Spirit was there. We went to an inactive member to see his daughter's new baby. It was a different experience because I couldn't help but think about how awesome it is to fulfill God's plan by having a family. Kinda weird but that's really all that I could think of. Families are just a great thing; Just awesome. We went to teach Landy after that and they were super annoying as usual. I need a lot of patience to teach them. A lot. Apparently that's what I need to learn with them. We finished the day with Setra and they always feed us when we go there.And it was more foza orana. Awesome. 

Wednesday was an interesting one. All our times before English fell through which was lame because it's like that every week. After English, we did a member split and I went with Robin to that house with 13people and it was interesting. Well they asked like if our church was Catholic or Protestant or what so I told them about the Restoration. And at the end of the lesson the mom freaked out at me for being "too direct". I'll admit I was direct but not to the level she was describing. It was kinda funny though cause she was trying to bring her husband in or her side and he was like, "He wasn't direct, he just answered our questions." 

Thursday we had district meeting which was way good. We continued our mission reflection and shared it with our companions. It was a good companionship building thing and I liked it a lot. Even though we are all in the same mission, we all have very different missions. We taught this lady at Bebe Rahary's who learn from missionaries before but stopped because she thinks of herself as too much of a sinner to be able to repent. Kinda sad but we told her otherwise and hopefully she'll progress. We got a referral and contact her. Her name is Chantelle and she learned everything from the missionaries before but is not married so that's a problem. When we got back home, the AP's came down and I got the package you sent mom with the double stuffed oreos. Never have oreos tasted so good in my life.

Friday was a pretty good day. We got a bunch of good lessons in. At one Less Active lesson we had, they were watching shrek in Malagasy. Let's just say it was not good. And that night we had a soiree with Landy and it was awful. They gave us dry fish which is just all kinds of nasty. The heads are still on and everything. Way gross.

Saturday morning we went out to lake antraikiba and did some tree planting as a district activity. It was way cool until the windows of heaven opened and dumped water on us. After that we went to a soiree which was way good. We also did a split with Elder Weber this day. He's an AP. We taught Tinah and naina about the Spirit World and then went to PMG class. We only got one more time after that so it was a bit of a bad day. 

Sunday wasn't the best. We only had one investigator come to church. We did a split after church because we have too many times on Sunday for only the two of us to cover. So Robin and I went to the ex-patriarch's house to contact a referral. Well it turns out they couldn't learn today so the patriarchs wife just told us her conversion story and it was way cool. After that we went to the ex-branch presidents house and shared a spiritual thought because he is super inactive. Then we went to Chantelle and met her "husband". We got it worked out though so they can get married soon so no worries there. We taught Tinah and Naina again and finished the Plan of Salvation then went to a soiree at Be Sofina's. 

Oh and mom, I got your letter today. You know the one you sent on January 19th? Yeah. Madagascar.

 Elder Coleman and Elder Razakamandimby

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