Monday, March 23, 2015

Mountain Biking and my first dog experiences....

Well it's been a very good this week and I am very tired. We worked hard this week and I honestly just want to sleep right now. Last P-day was pretty uneventful. I went with Elder Stokes and Elder Kelsch to take some final pictures for them since it was their last P-day here. We also went and got some ice cream at Gastro's and holy cow was it amazing! I'm super excited to get some actual ice cream from America! It's like a whole new world has been opened to me! We just kinda chilled at home after that. When we went out to teach Robin's family, we overheard his family asking him all these doctrinal questions and he was answering them all. Stud! And Robin's older brother, Fenosoa, wanted to help us this week which is way cool! He's super inactive so it'll be good for him. One cool thing too is that the night sky was perfectly clear and the stars were absolutely gorgeous! Amazing! 

Tuesday Elder Kelsch left... That was sad for sure. I liked Elder Kelsch a lot. We did a spilt that day and I went with Johnny. We tracted the whole day pretty much. But we found lots of cool people that want to learn. We found this weird guy that has a bunch of pet chickens... like they live in his house and stuff. Weird but he's way smart and is progressing really well right now. 

Wednesday was a good day. We taught Solo before English class about the Plan of Salvation. Elder Razakamandimby taught her last on a split and I thought he had already taught her through "life on earth". SO I just asked her what she remembered from the last time and she told me everything through the life on earth. But here's the thing. He didn't teach her that last time. She just read the whole pamphlet we gave her. Way cool. English was fun. We talked about a lot of things in America. Like: Holidays, weather, marriage, and school. It was way fun though. We are going to try to get "Meet the Mormons" so we can play it in English class. We had another split after with Robin to teach that one family of 13 and the mom has changed a lot. She really wants to learn now and she reads the pamphlets that I give her. She's doing way well.

On Thursday we had a way cool district meeting about creativity in teaching and how it brings the Spirit better because it shows that you are open and willing to teach in any way. It was way cool and I've seen how much it has helped in the work in just these past few days. We taught quite a few people after that including Landy. She was interesting as usual. They still don't understand the apostasy so I went way indepth and explained the origin of the Catholic church and all the other churchs that came from it. It's very frustrating to have to go over the same things every time. 

Friday was a good day. We did another split and I was with Dimilahy (fun fact: his name literally translated is: 'five guys') and we did a bunch of contacting too. We found one lady that is obviously struggling very bad and we shared a vatsim-panahy with her about the Atonement and how it can help all of us through everything we go through. It was awesome. We taught a bunch of people that I contacted the other day with Johnny and then we went to meet Razaka when we were attacked by dogs. Like literally attacked. I could hear them barking like very viciously behind this fence so I wasn't too worried but then I shined the flashlight on the fence and there was a huge hole at the bottom. So yeah two dogs came running out and tried to eat us but Dimilahy kicked one way hard in the stomach and they didn't really like that so they backed off. Way scary though. 

Saturday was a way fun day. We had a basketball activity in the morning that was kind of a bust. Not very many people came and just members were there. But we got to eat lunch at a way cool member family house. I love them a ton; they are way solid. They gave us so much food I wanted to explode. We did another split and like all the times I was supposed to teach fell through. I went and taught the chicken guy though and he's way smart. We met up with Razaka at Robin's house for a soiree and it was way fun. They gave us tons of rice too and at that point I really felt like I was going to explode. We took Johnny and Fifalina home on our bikes and another dog came after me, trying to bite my ankles. I was super scared so I just peddled way fast but Johnny was just screaming at me, "Dakao! Dakao!" Which is the command form of 'to kick'. Yeah no way. I just got out of there as fast as I could. 

Sunday was a way good day and we had another split as usual. Most of my times actually happened that day so that was good. I went back to that lady that was struggling, the one from Friday. They were super surprised and told us that we must be actual messengers of God because we came back. They have had visits from missionaries of other faiths before but they never came back. So they were really impressed with us. And they read the whole pamphlet I gave them. We taught Tinah and Naina and they are doing very well now. They have a bap date right now which is way awesome! And then on our way home, Razaka warned me that there are usually dogs on the path to our house so to be careful and if they come after you just go fast. So we start going down this hill on the path home with Razaka in the lead. It's super dark at the bottom and I can't see anything. All of a sudden I hear a bunch of dogs barking and Razaka scream,"ALEHA" which is the command form of 'go, get out of here' It's usually only used for dogs. All the dogs chased after him and I was left alone so that was good. Razaka outran them per se and it was all good in the end. 

This morning we went to this waterfall out in Manadona. It's an area about 20km south of Antsirabe. There are missionaries out there. In fact, Elder Lehr and Elder Christiansen work out there. Anyway it was way cool and quite the hike. It was way tiring though. I'm already tired from this week of biking up ridiculous hills and away from dogs haha. It was a good week though. We taught a lot of lessons this week; more than I have ever done in my mission in a week. Good but very exhausting.

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