Sunday, April 3, 2016

Awesome week here in Paradise! We're gonna have a baptism!

So great week this week. I seriously love it so much here. It's so fun being a missionary.

Ponderize: Alma 36:27

Monday we taught a lesson to a cool family. The daughter is the only that comes to church as far as I have seen in the last 2 weeks but the family is really cool and we are pushing to get them all to come to church. Oh also we went to the beach for P-day Way cool beach. It's called Libanona. Very nice. We went and walked out on some rocks and it was way cool. We had a soiree that night with President Danielson and it was super good. I love his soirees. We did it at another members house and it was super fun to meet them.

Tuesday we had a great day. We taught 12 lessons! It was awesome! We taught an interesting lesson about prayer. Daniel, one of our investigators said that he prayed about the church and Joseph Smith and got a weird answer. He said he saw like weird demonic things in his dream that was way scary. So we explained to him that obviously wasn't the answer to his prayer and it actually turned out to a good lesson. We taught Wiquinze (pronounced weekends) and did a practice baptismal interview with him and he did way good! He's way awesome. 

Wednesday we had Dodi and Sarah. They are a new family that we found and they are awesome. Very humble and very willing to learn. We just stressed Joseph Smith more and prayer and it went great. We tracted into some pretty cool people too. We tracted into this guy that knows Danielson. They work together out at Rio Tinto. He was a way cool guy and very interested in the church. We also found this guy that is ex-military and is missing a hand because of some grenade training gone wrong. SO that's unfortunate but he's a way cool guy! 

Thursday we had a way cool lesson in district meeting by Elder Jensen about Peter. It was super aweosme I liked it a lot. It was all about all the different things Peter went through to become the great prophet that he was. We had a pretty good day of work. We taught Rina and Anita and they are awesome. I love them so much. We taught Josoa and Edvardine and they are so awesome too. We had a great lesson with them about life after death. He seriously loves when we come over. He's so excited. Lanto and Dorothe are way awesome too! They want to get baptized so bad. 

Friday we had a pretty good day. Fr Ferdinad took us to a less active named Velosoa. He's 20 and I guess he used to help the missionaries. But he's  a way cool guy. We taught Zatolo and lImbaraza too. They are an investigator family and are seriously dirt poor. We have to take it very slow with them. I felt way bad for them cause their daughter was super sick when we were there. Wiquinze had a baptismal interview that day and he passed! He's gonna get baptized! I'm so excited! We taught this Lutheran pastor guy named Dimby too. He's awesome. He believes that the Book of Mormon is true. We just need to help him see what that truly means. 

Saturday was English and we had a good turnout. Elder Koplin and I had a lot of fun teaching that. We did some tracting by the church after English and ran into one of our English students. He said he wanted to learn so we followed him back to his house and started teaching him. He has a way cool family too. We were able to teach Maresaka that day and he's another challenge. He can not read. Like at all. So we have to go very slow with him as well. 

Sunday was a great fast Sunday. It was a great testimony meeting and a great turn out for investigators. We got dogged by a lot of people though. We were able to catch some great times though. We caught Dodi and Sarah at home and taught them about the Book of Mormon and that was way awesome. We are actually out of them so it was a little weird but it worked out. We taught Walter, the ex military guy, and it was awesome. He had tons of great questions about the pamphlet and it turned out to be a great lesson. I've noticed that while fasting, I don't really get all that tired anymore. Like yeah I am tired but not as much as I should be. I can really feel a difference. As you focus on others during the fast you will not only more spiritual strength but physical strength as well to carry on in the work of the Lord. Super cool.

All week this week we had some repair man in our house fixing things. Well I think he broke more things than he actually fixed so it gives him more of a reason to come back. It's kind of annoying because we need the things fixed but he's making a mess. 

Have a great week everyone! 

Elder Coleman

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