Monday, April 11, 2016

Conference! It was Great!

Well it was an awesome week. Loved it so much. This was the best general conference I have ever had. I received a lot of personal revelation and guidance and it was just awesome. I love listening to the prophets and apostles.

Ponderize 2 Ne 28:30

Ok so Monday was awesome. We went out to this place called Akoba and it is super cool. It's just a beach that is way gorgeous. There are tons of people that surf there. We just walked along the beach and it was way relaxing. As we were walking, there were some kids playing beach soccer so we joined in and totally destroyed them! It was way fun! We beat them 2 to 0. Playing in the sand is super tiring though. That night we went and stopped by a family that we are teaching but didn't really have time to teach them before the bus showed up to take us out to Phase 3 to our soiree with President Danielson. Super Good. Loved it. 

Tuesday was a great day. We were able to teach a lot and had a great day. We taught Mahala and Alvine. They are awesome. They are going to get baptized on the 30 and are working way hard right now to get married. They have been saving up money for quite awhile to be able to pay for the marriage. They have enough now and I believe they left today to go get the final things they need. We talked with Wiquinze too about conference and gave him a conference notebook for him to take notes. Anjara and Marcielle are doing great too. They are also saving up money to go get married. They are awesome and have a great testimony.

Wednesday we had a good day. We went to go teach a new investigator, Ruffin, but got way lost trying to find his house. And we stumbled into the house of another investigator that we didn't know about until then. So little miracles! And they lived right by Ruffin! So they guided to his house and we taught him all about the Restoration and it was great. We taught Dodi and Sarah that evening about the Book of Mormon but we were completely out down here. So we stopped by the cyber and printed off a bunch of pages for them to read. It went way well but kinda got awkward when their pastor showed up at the end of the lesson. 

Thursday we had a very bad day. We got dogged by literally everyone. It was very hard. We were still able to catch a couple of times but most of them weren't home. Lanto and Dorothe were among those that we taught. I love them so much. They are so solid. We just kinda reviewed with them about the Holy Ghost because they didn't really understand it. We resolved a problem that showed up during church. They teacher in investigator class came off kinda rude and they were kinda mad about it. But we are all good now. 

Friday was pretty good. We had a lot of lessons. We taught Mahala and Alvine again and made sure they were coming to conference. We went and visited Velosoa and taught him. He's less active and he really wants to go on a mission we found out. So we are going to help him with that. We are teaching a Lutheran pastor right now but he is having a hard time connecting Joseph Smith the Book of Mormon and the truthfulness of the church. He says he thinks it is true but doesn't quite understand what that means. Kinda frustrating. We had a soiree that night with Fr. Nary. He's awesome. He is a return missionary. Served in Johannesburg. Way good at English. Also will probably be our next Branch Mission Leader. 

Saturday was conference! It was seriously so good! I have never prepared so much for conference. The whole week leading up to it I created 4 questions that I wanted answered by conference and prepared a layout for how I was going to take notes. I wrote my note in one color of pen and then my thoughts, impressions, and promptings in another color. Seriously filled like 8 or 9 pages. So much. And so good. We also went ham inviting people to conference this week and we ended up with 14 investigators at the Saturday Morning Session! It was literally half the people there! It was awesome! We tried to go out and teach that evening but we got dogged so we just went out and invited more people to come to  the Sunday Sessions.

Sunday was awesome! The morning session was just perfect for investigators. They got to see the prophet and hear great teachings about the foundational doctrine of the church. Seriously perfect. A lot of these talks really hit home for me and spoke personally to me. A cool thing happened during conference, actually during the Saturday Morning session, but the first two speakers spoke and it was as if they were speaking directly to me. It could not have been more direct. And I just felt the Spirit so strong. It was just a witness of the divinity of their callings and that they are truly called of God to bless us. They are the true and authorized servants of God on the Earth. Sunday evening we went out and taught a couple of times. We taught Walter and he is turning out to be super great! We just need to get a Book of Mormon so he can start reading it. And Germaine and Augustine are hitting a bit of a road bump. They are trying to get something ready for their marriage but it isn't working out so they might  have to go themselves. That would be expensive. So it will be awhile before they get baptized. I am really impressed with them though. Their hearts are in the right place. They have a testimony and desire to go to the temple. God is preparing them to do great things. 

Well this was a great week! I love general Conference! I am very sad that it is over and it's crazy to think that I will see the next one in America! Weird stuff. This week we have a baptism! I'll send Pictures! 

Elder Coleman

The soccer game, Cool ocean pic, conference in a closet

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