Monday, April 25, 2016

Soa ny Fiainana! (Good Life)

Sorry but I did not get a ponderize scripture this week! I'll be sure to get a good one this week!

So pretty good week! We have a lot of good things going here in Fort Dauphin.

Monday we didn't do much except for chill around and play pool. Monday night I just stayed home while Elder Jensen went out with someone to our program. But it went way well though! We have Krystal and Nono! He has completely changed! He wants to be baptized! Completely different from what he was like the last time we taught him! It's great!

Tuesday I also stayed home. It was not fun. At all. I hated it. Elder Jensen was able to go out for a little while and get some of our more progressing investigators. So it sounded like everything went well.

Wednesday I went out to work and it was great! We were able to teach a lot.We taught Krystal and Nono first thing and had a great lesson with them and got things figured out for them to get married and baptized! They are awesome! But they are probably moving far away and won't be back until June so I may not get to see them. We taught Ruffin and he is awesome! He's going to Institute and Church every week; it's awesome! We taught Germaine and Augustine that night and talked all about the Andro Sabata. It was a super good lesson. I hope it'll help them to feel the Spirit more every Sunday. 

Thursday was a great day too. We stopped by some less actives that we were asked to visit during branch council. We caught him at home! Nicolin was his name. Way cool kid. We shared a little vatsim-panahy with him and he said he would come to church! We got a referral from a member in the other branch and taught them and they are way cool. It's a very poor lady named Cela that is not married and has 3 kids. Before we taught them they asked about Priesthood Blessings. So after we taught them we gave 3 of the people there blessings. It was way cool. We taught Rina and Anita and they are now on date for the 11 of June. We taught Lanto and Dorothe that night about Temples and Eternal Marriage and it was awesome! At the end of the lesson they said, "2017". They already want to go! They are awesome! And then we taught Gerard. He's a taxi driver that is a friend of Danielson. We found him and he accepted to learn from us. He and his family are so awesome! 

Friday we taught Mahala and Alvine. That was a hard lesson. We found out that Mahala is still smoking and so we had to move their baptism back. It was a very emotional lesson. They were crying and it was just very hard to tell them. But it's good. They are good to go for leaving the cigarettes though. We are trying to get them in May here sometime. It should be good. I am very excited for them. We taught Francisca later that night and she is awesome! She wants to get baptized so bad! And her family is way awesome! They really want to know where the real and true church is. 

Saturday we had another good day. We went back to that one less active that we went to on Thursday. Well his brother was there and is also less active so we taught him. He is way cool too. We were able to get a baptismal interview too for Selmann! And he passed! He's getting baptized next week! It's great! I'm way excited for him. He wants to go on a mission way bad. 

Sunday we had a good day of church. I gave a talk on preparing for missionary service. I think it went pretty well. We had pretty good attendance and a lot of investigators came! We went to Ruffin and he taught us the first half of the Plan of Salvation. We showed up and asked if had read the pamphlet and he apologized saying that he had only read about half of it because he had a lot of homework. And then he proceeded to teach the whole first half to us. It was awesome. We taught Patricia and Mamod a great 1st lesson. They had a lot of questions about Joseph Smith and the Apostasy and the Catholic Church and it went great. We were able to answer all of their questions and I testified at the end of the truthfulness of the Restoration and I could feel the confirming witness of the Spirit telling them that it was true. 

Well this morning we hiked this place called Peak Saint Louis. It's huge and was quite the hike but we made it up and down and got some great pictures. It was way fun but a lot of work! I'm really tired and just want to go home and take a nap before I go out to work. Talk to y'all next week! 

Elder Coleman

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