Sunday, April 17, 2016

Baptism and feet problems

Kind of a weird week this week. But it was good we had a baptism! Yay!

Ponderize of the week: 2 Nephi 31:20

Monday we didn't do much. Just kinda chilled. We went to this restaurant that has a pool table and played some pool. Elder Koplin and I were on a team and we won; it was great. That night we went out and taught Krystal and Nono( pronounced like the English"no"). They are an interesting couple. She almost got baptized but then we found out that she was living with a guy. And the guy is being difficult about getting married to her and might just move away and never come back. They want to get married but that is weird to me to be married to someone that lives far away and probably won't be coming back anytime soon. So we had  a talk with them to figure things out and then went ot Danielson's and had great food. 

Tuesday we had a great day. We taught a lot. We taught Mahala and Alvine and they are awesome. They are on date for the 30th and are totally going to catch it. They are so awesome. They just need to go get married this week. They finally have all their money. We taught Dimby, the pastor in the Lutheran church and kinda drilled him pretty hard on Priesthood Authority. He believes that Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon are true but has a hard time believing that Thomas Monson is a prophet now. Also Priesthood Authority doesn't click with him super well. But we hit it pretty hard and hard enough that there is no way he could misunderstand. We also invited him to be baptized if what we were saying was true. He couldn't really make a decision then but we gave him some time to pray and think about it. We taught this way cool new family, Bakoly and Toky. We had a little time to tract and so we knocked on one door and they let us in. We actually had to come back later when her husband was home but we taught them and they are awesome! Just a great day!

Wednesday we had a good day as well. We taught Ruffin and got him on date for June 11. He's awesome. We've only taught him twice and he has already come to church 3 times, Saturday and Sunday of General Conference, and goes to Institute. Way cool guy. We'll get him baptized and out on a mission. We taught Dodi and Sarah as well and they are starting to not be as cool as they were when we first taught them. They seem to be losing interest and I think their pastor knows we are meeting with them and is giving them more responsibilities to keep them away from us. Kind of a weird deal. 

Thursday I had a split with Elder Koplin and it was way fun! We had a good day. We went and taught Pierrot and it was a super good lesson. He believes the Book of Mormon is true! Now we just need to help him see what that means.We taught Rina and Anita and they are doing awesome! I love them! Also this day I went to the doctor becasue I thought I had another ingrown toenail. The doctor wasn't there so I went back the next morning.

So on Friday, I went and got some things for it to take down the infection. I am hoping that I can just keep the infection down for the next 2 months and then just get it fixed in America or even in Tana. They don't want to do it down here because resources are very limited or nonexistent so I would either have to fly up to Tana and get it fixed or just deal with it for a couple months. So that's the plan. But that also meant that I had to stay home a couple days to get the infection down. So I stayed home all day. Seriously awful. We were able to get a split in halfway through the day so that our program could get worked. 

Saturday was a similar deal. Went to English class and then went home after that and halfway through the day some of the other Elders came back and switched out my companion. Then at 3 we had a baptism! There were 10 people getting baptized and Wiquinze was the only one for us. The baptism went great! The keyboard was set to the "Choir" setting so the music was kinda weird but hey it worked out. 

Sunday was great! We had a ton of investigators at church! 17 of them! And Lanto came to church! It was so awesome! I got to help give the Fanahy Masina to Wiquinze. That was way awesome. Church was a little long though yesterday. It was just one of those days. We had a trade off again so our area got worked. This next week should go a lot better.

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Coleman

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